Vin Diesel is ‘The Machine’

In what one can only describe as a serious lapse in judgment, or just a classic bonehead move, Vin Diesel will return to our movie screens next as The Machine: A top secret military weapon buried and deactivated only to be reactivated at a later date by… a kid.  Ohhhh boooooy. In even worse news, it is described as an action-comedy.

The scribes of this family friendly film are the same guys who brought us the Night at the Museum movies and The Pacifier. For those of you who have not seen The Pacifier, it another family movie that Vin Diesel did back in 2005, which resulted in us not seeing Diesel in anything worthwhile until 2009’s Fast and Furious. The Pacifier follows a Navy SEAL charged with protecting five kids of a deceased government scientist from his enemies: A Navy SEAL babysitter basically.

Could he be heading down the same road in doing The Machine? It just seems odd that he would try to capitalize off of the huge success of Fast Five in the past month to tackle another action franchise.

Domo’s Thoughts on The Machine

He could easily have returned to the xXx franchise as Xander Cage, or even do a Riddick movie right this time around while his name is still warm from the heat of Fast Five. But no, we get the Iron Giant rip off. Maybe Pacifier 2: The Hunt for Osama Bin Laden will soon follow. Are there any Vin Diesel fans out there that think otherwise? Is The Machine a pretty good career choice for the Diesel?

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