Wanted: American Superhero Symbol – Aquaman, Put Your Hand Down…*sigh*

Let’s face it: Being American is awesome. You get to flaunt freedom, complain about anything, and start chants of “U-S-A!” without anyone knowing a particular reason. It’s pretty awesome.

Of course the other side of being the dominant world power is the opinions of citizens and outsiders are not exactly at an all-time high. Some media explore the American way in both the positive and negative light and that’s their freedom to do so, that’s why this is a great country to live in.

I may not like Kronner’s opinion about how Deuces Wild was better than Spiderman (true story), but he has every right to voice that. But it’s always fun to see comics take on the politics of being American.

We just saw it with Captain America and his Nomad storyline and of course, Action Comics #900 has Superman renouncing his American citizenship. Say what now? The guy who’s as American as apple pie? Yep, that guy.

The story was written by David S. Goyer, and illustrated by Miguel Sepulveda, and it explores Superman going to Iran to support the protesters (without violence of course) and the President’s national security advisor doesn’t take this well. About as well as the Iranian regime who looks at this as an act of war. So through his frustration of trying to do the right thing, Supes feels that he cannot operate as a superhero on a global scale if he is an American citizen so he shall go to the United Nations to renounce his citizenship for the good of the world.

Sooo yeah. The fart noise you just made was the same reaction the rest of America had because they decided to go back to the old status quo. In Superman #711, after taking down Livewire (I seriously read that is LimeWire and thought good, it’s been the worst illegal downloading tool for awhile now) Supes decides to monologue about how America is awesome and he just needed to give it a second chance.


Because that’s what America does, it bails people out of their mistakes so they can live in their shame until the next error comes along.

Some good reactions come via Gamma Squad for the panels of renouncing and re-embracing the country that celebrates the number 22nd best soccer team in the world. Bleeding Cool has a great article about it too.

As with the title, I just want to see the applications for next DC symbol of America. I want them to bring Vibe back. Spanish-American break dancer from Detroit?

 That’s soooo apple pie. Apple Pie that can get down with a phat beat!

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