Marvel Comic Review: Venom #3

Mr. Remender still manages to keep me on as a regular reader of this new Venom title. Issue three is a vast improvement over the last one which I still enjoyed. Mainly because we are now out of the Savage Land and there is no more Kraven the Hunter. Oh yeah, also Jack O Lantern is back! It would seem that the Crime-Master (The guy behind the antarctic vibranium) knows Venom’s secret identity, so he sends Jack-O-Lantern to pay Flash Thompson’s girlfriend Betty Brant a visit while our sort of-hero Venom is frantically fighting permanent bonding with the Venom suit and closing in on the shipment of vibranium.

Not only do you get to see Venom kicking major ass against the henchman known as… the henchman, but there is also a small appearance by our friendly neighborhood Spiderman who finds Betty’s apartment totally trashed. His searching for Betty makes for huge complications and a cliffhanger that will having wishing you could time travel to next month for issue four!

I give this issue a four out of five bears. It was nonstop with the action,  a good and non petty excuse for a Spiderman appearance and seriously a cliffhanger to end all cliffhangers. I doubt either will happen but you almost wonder how the two possible deaths at the end can be stopped. Unfortunately we have to wait awhile to find out. And I’m really digging this version of Jack-O-Lantern, whom I at first thought was a little corny. He was only used for a few pages in this issue but you can foresee than he and Flash will be throwing down once more very soon… maybe for the last time.

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