6 Ways the Expanded Universe Ruined Star Wars: A Rebuttal

Dorkly recently posted a list of 6 Ways that the Expanded Universe ruined Star Wars. The ‘Expanded Universe’ being anything other that the actual Star Wars movies, such as books, comics and video games. Granted, some of the things in this list were kinda stupid, even though I don’t think that they flat-out ruined Star Wars. It seems like Dorkly may have just not researched very well, but I, being a ridiculous Star Wars buff can help remedy that. I would definitely read their list here before you read the rest of my article. It will make more sense, trust me.

Let’s start off with the first glaring mistake:

Star Wars1. Darth Maul Reborn w/Robot Legs

As they mentioned in their list, Darth Maul appears on Tatooine years after Episode 1, hunting Obi Wan Kenobi and discovering that Anakin Skywalker had a child. He and Kenobi face off at the Lar’s homestead, and oh yeah – Darth Maul has a robot torso and legs! Granted, I found this whole thing to be mildly stupid also, but never fear! This story appeared along with an assortment of others in Star Wars: Visionaries, most of which are clearly defined as non-canon. That means it doesn’t coincide with anything else in Star Wars, it’s a ‘What If’ story that some people love and some people hate.

If anything they should be more worried about the recent Clone Wars season where they not only brought in a brother of Darth Maul named Savage Opress, but hinted at the end of one episode of Maul still being alive.

Lame, but nonetheless approved by our boy George Lucas himself.

2. Luke Turns to the Dark Side

This one was pretty bad too. Luke joins the reborn Clone Emperor Palpatine as his right hand, just as his father was during the Dark Empire storylines. But unlike Dorklyst’s assertions that he succumbed to the Dark Side, it’s a little more complex than all that. Luke decided to join Palpatine as his apprentice, with the intentions of destroying the Dark Side from within. That is actually a pretty noble sacrifice in my opinion. Sure – he fell a little further into it than he would have liked, but that’s what twin sisters are for!

Luke not only broke free of the Dark Side with her help, but was then able to shut down ole’ Palpy’s clone factory permanently. I don’t think that Luke quite went down the path of his father, or made the same mistakes as Dorklyst claims. He had full intentions of going to the Dark Side for the greater good, while Vader just wanted to save his wife for his own selfish reasons. And as for it being against everything the character stands for I say this: Luke Skywalker at this point in the Expanded Universe has seen it all. He’s been to the Dark Side and back, created a New Jedi Order, held Galactic governments together, and assisted in ending two Galaxy wide wars. Not to mention all of the countless planetary conflicts aside from that. He embodies everything that a Jedi should be and that is why he is the Jedi Grand Master. Booyah!

Star Wars

3. The Force Does Not Tie All Life Together

Dorklyst complains that the Yuuzhan Vong being undetectable in the force makes the force a localized phenomenon and “neuters” it. This is in fact completely wrong. When the extra galactic invaders known as the Yuuzhan Vong first invade the Star Wars galaxy, the Jedi do in fact take note that they cannot detect them in the force and theorize that they must exist outside the force entirely. It is in fact revealed later that their homeworld, the living planet Zonama Sekot, cut the whole race off from the force as punishment for their transgressions against other species. This isn’t really even a new concept. Ysalamir are used frequently throughout the novels in the Expanded Universe to cut a force user off by creating a force neutral bubble. Ysalamir are small, lizard like creatures with the innate ability to repulse the force. I’m not sure why they can do this, but it sure makes for good storytelling!

Star Wars

4. Luke Was Never The Last Of The Jedi

This one I really can’t contest because I agree with them that there were far too many Jedi running around after Order 66 for Luke to be the last during Return of the Jedi. But even though many of them participated in the Rebel Alliance, there were none as powerful or more recognizable that Luke. He was the first fully fledged Jedi Knight to emerge from the Galactic Civil War while all these other so called Jedi were going on sabotage missions and otherwise farting about. I didn’t see any of them taking on Vader in lightsaber combat or blowing up Death Stars. Not to mention after Yoda and Kenobi died, it didn’t look like anyone else was really up to the task or had the desire to train someone to revive the Jedi Order.

Star Wars

5. The Emperor Was Cloned

The Emperor still being alive in a clone body after the events of Return of the Jedi and his apparent “death” at the hands of Anakin Skywalker is another one that doesn’t sit well with me. At this point I’m a believer of the fact that Anakin brought balance to the force not by killing Palpatine but by redeeming himself and coming back into the light, thus evening the score between the Sith and the Jedi. This leaves Luke and the Emperor to face off with one another. Dorklyst wonders why he kept on using his old body: because he routinely discards one body after the other as the Dark Side energy inside of him slowly eats away at it. After his cloned bodies are destroyed that is when Palpatine decides that non-clone body strong in the force must be his next target, and who better than Anakin Solo, the later to be Jedi Knight and son of Han and Leia. Thankfully Palps missed out on that one and finally died the final death.

Star Wars

6. There’s No Light Or Dark Side To The Force

This one angered me at first when it was introduced but I never took it as the definitive view on the force at any one time. I took it as it was supposed to be, a philosophy of a sect of force users that were totally wrong. Followers of the “Potentium” believed that the force is neither inherently good or evil, it depends on the intentions of the user: The whole thing was officially debunked (Ret-Conned if you will) by the end of the Swarm War trilogy with the Jedi slowly getting back to traditional Light Side/Dark Side view. It then even turns out that Vergere, a Jedi of the Old Republic who helped Jacen Solo during the Vong crisis and claimed to be a follower of the Potentium was in fact a Sith. So does that mean that the Potentium was just a lie created by the Sith so Jedi would use the Dark Side with reckless abandon and lose themselves to it? Just ask Jacen Solo

Star Wars
Good Job Potentium!

Like I said, plenty of legitimate beefs and ones that many people will agree with, but hopefully some extra insight will make it so they don’t “ruin” Star Wars completely for anyone! I’ll be sure to come up with my own list for things that really have ruin Star Wars for me. Holiday Special anyone?

4 thoughts on “6 Ways the Expanded Universe Ruined Star Wars: A Rebuttal”

  1. Awesome, nice to know there are others out there who are fans of the expanded universe, like myself. I can see where some might feel it detracts from the original story, but I for one think it’s a great way to keep the story going. I dropped the name Mara Jade in a discussion with some peers and was rewarded with blank stares followed by a pretty extreme argument regarding the expanded universe, which Iwon, because I said so. Anyway, good article!


      1. Mara Jade awesome? Man, she was the most unrealistic and unbalanced character… she might as well be an anime protagonist.


  2. Personally I think that far too many people take Star Wars far to seriously.
    Don’t get me wrong some bad things have been said and written by people with good intentions but nothing has ruined Star Wars, at least not for me. It’s best to read and enjoy without getting to stressed about the little nuances or seemingly odd stuff going on.

    Anyway, Mara Jade rocked :)
    Emperors Hand FTW!


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