Marvel Comics Review: Fear Itself #3

Another month and Fear Itself keeps on rolling! I have to admit, this story is moving by at break neck speed, with our heroes in disarray and still not fully realizing just what in the hell is going on. The Worthy are wreaking havoc all across the globe filling their ranks in this issue, Thor is still imprisoned (not for long) and it would appear we lose an Avenger by the end of this issue.

The issue starts off with Captain America, Black Widow and Falcon attempting to evacuate all of the innocent bystanders from the capitol which is still under attack from Sin/Skadi and her Nazi Mech Suits. Cap takes on the duty of facing Skadi himself which is a pretty hardcore fight that starts and ends the issue.

As I said above, Thor is still imprisoned, until little Loki frees him and the Warriors Three plan to send him back to Earth. Apparently as the Serpent gains more followers through the use of fear, the more powerful he becomes as Earth is in turmoil. Odin of course has a simple solution: Destroy all life on Earth so the Serpent has no power and then confront him with the full force of Asgard. Thor as you might understand can’t allow that to stand. This time instead of another fight (Or Odin Ass-Whoopin’) Thor convinces his old man to send him back to Earth to stop the Serpent before Asgard burns Earth and it’s inhabitants. Game on!

Also, we are introduced to yet another of the Worthy. But this will be the last one as Ben Grimm aka The Thing attempts to move the hammer that fell on Yancy Street. The hammer transforms him into Angrir: Breaker of Souls, and he promptly unleashes his fury on Yancy Street and the Future Foundation.

Now to the pivotal point of the issue where Skadi/Sin and Captain America (Bucky) continue their fight from earlier. This time our current Cap doesn’t do very well as Skadi rips his bionic arm off and them finishes him with the handle of her hammer by shoving it through his chest. The issue ends with Black Widow holding him and Bucky Barnes telling her to warn everyone about the Serpent while he apparently passes with a gaping chest wound. Powerful stuff.

Overall I give the issue a four out of five bears. It had all the action I could ever want in a comic along with a shocking ending. I assumed that Bucky was going to step aside somehow with Steve Rogers once again taking up the shield before Marvel releases the First Avengers in theaters, but I had no idea it would happen over his dead body. The only thing lacking was the story in a way, because there is still so much “happening elsewhere” stuff going on in the issue. I really want to see more of the Serpent himself and for the heroes to actually know what is going on as the series enters the home stretch. It will be interesting to see where the story goes from here and if we’ll be seeing anymore casualties by the end of it.

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