Percy Jackson Back For More…

Hey everyone! Percy Jackson is having another movie! This is so awesome because the Lightning Thief was so darn good! Hello? Anyone still listening? Probably not. I doubt that even Percy Jackson fans care about the latest on the movie adaptations of their beloved book series. Not to mention Fox studio’s intentions to rush the film out for a 2012 release, this movie has bad written all over it. Check out a little more info from IGN below:

Well, we’re getting a Percy Jackson sequel, like it or not. The Los Angeles Times reports that Fox 2000 has “exercised the option” on star Logan Lerman — in other words, he’s coming back for the sequel whether he likes it or not too. And director Thor Freudenthal (Diary of a Wimpy Kid) has been hired to replace the first film’s Chris Columbus.

Hopefully Logan Lerman isn’t going to half ass it because he has no choice in the matter but honestly, in the age of sequels not happening because of lackluster first round box office outings, I can’t figure out why this one is happening. The first film grossed 88 million domestically with a budget of 95 million. That spells flop to me. But worldwide it had a gross of 226 million bucks so maybe they’re depending on the foreign market. To me the film was just “ok”, it didn’t really move or wow me in any way and it definitely was not the next Harry Potter. My 54 year old dad actually liked it better than me, which I still can’t figure out to this day. He simply states “that he has better movie taste than Doc Kronner and myself.” I hate to break it to him on this father’s day weekend that he is mistaken, but he probably won’t care since there is another Percy Jackson movie coming out.

The movie will not only follow the second book of the Jackson series, ‘Sea of Monsters’, but it is said to borrow elements from the other books as well. Purists of the series better prepare their diapers for this one.

3 thoughts on “Percy Jackson Back For More…”

  1. The Percy Jackson books are actually really good, but even before the bias of reading them The Lightning Thief movie was a disaster. It decided to throw away the source material by the end of the movie too, so I’m curious to see how they’ll tie it to Sea of Monsters.


  2. The Percy Jackson movie was awesome O.O I liked it… I think the story is way better than Harry Potter, the Percy Jackson trio is also way more interesting than the Harry Potter trio.


  3. Ok so i totally agree that they should have a sequel i mean its only fair. I dont agree that the percy jackson trio was better than the harry potter trio though. I liked them equally. The second movie is getting a new director? COOL!!!!!! Sorry chris.


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