HBO’s True Blood – First 8 Minutes of Season Four

Tonight after the season finale of Game of Thrones, we were given an extended sneak peek of the upcoming season of True Blood!  This was the first 8 minutes (we had previously seen the first three) of the premiere, which will air next week on HBO.  Here’s the video if you missed it:


THANK GOD we got the rest of this preview.  I don’t know how ‘Grandpa Lumbergh’ lasted 20 years in fairy land, I could hardly stomach three minutes.

Anyway, after Sookie and her grandfather get reunited, Sookie starts to get glimpses of her surroundings that lead her to believe that things are not all that they seem.  She uses her mind to tell her grandfather that they need to escape, that they are not safe there.  This is always a neat little trick on Earth, where 1 in 2,542,698 people is a telepath.  Sookie forgets, however, that she is in fairy land where mind reading is something everyone can do; so naturally, everyone hears her.  We are then introduced to what I assume to be the Queen of the Fairies, who appears less than thrilled with Sookie and her refusal to take anything at face value.

By now, we’ve deduced along with Sookie that this fairy land is not all that it seems, and that this light fruit is responsible for making everything more beautiful.  This Fairy Queen informs Sookie that because Bill came to the fairy land allegedly searching for more fairy blood to drink, the fairy race is no longer safe.  As a result, all the fairies and humans with fairy descendants must be sealed off in this other realm, which looks a lot less appealing when you’re not tripping on fairy fruit.

Naturally, Sookie tries to escape; but is chased down by the fairies, who now look like trolls and can shoot purple lasers from their hands.  The brother of Sookie’s “fairy godmother” (I guess that would make him her “fairy goduncle“) helps her and Lumbergh escape by talking them off a cliff, which is a portal that will take them home if they jump in before the crazy Fairy Queen seals it off.

Pretty weird.  I’m honestly still on the fence about all this.  Some of the previews of the new season get me really excited.  Others tend to make me really nervous.  Naturally, the scenes that get me the most excited are the ones that focus on the vampires, which I think are the lifeblood (pun intended) of the show.  I would like to see more focus on the vampires, considering they are the center of the premise of the series.  All this nonsense with fairies and witches and werewolves and shapeshifters gets stale.

Again, only time will tell what’s in store on True Blood.  As long as there’s gore and intrigue, I’m on board.  HBO doesn’t usually disappoint!

Tell us your thoughts in the comments – what are you most looking forward to, or dreading in the upcoming season?

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