Breakout Kings – Renewed For Second Season by A&E

Good news for any fans of A&E’s Breakout Kings. According to Deadline, the cop/criminal drama will be back for another batch of episodes! It took me an episode or two to really get into the show, and I will admit it’s not MUST WATCH TV, but if you have nothing going on the night it airs, and are in the mood for a unique crime-drama then by all means you should tune in. Check out the news from Deadline:

A&E is bringing back its drama series Breakout Kings for a second season that could begin in the first quarter of 2012. The series, from Fox 21, stars Laz Alonso and Domenick Lombardozzi as U.S. Marshals who use former fugitives to catch fugitives. Production is slated to get underway later this year.

She looks too good to be a convict though…

It’s a simple enough plot idea, and the criminals that the marshals and inmates chase after and apprehend are definitely unique. Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell from episode three stands out as deeply disturbed sociopath son-of-a-bitch, and I actually enjoyed watching to see what he would do next. It was even better when he got caught and Lloyd has a sit down with him and calls him out as not being a criminal genius or rosetta stone for the criminal mind, but just a defective human being. Lloyd is the group’s psychiatrist and is played wonderfully by actor Jimmi Simpson (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia).

Then again there’s Serinda Swan on the show as well, but she’s not the main reason I watch the show….even though she’s a big reason. Look below to get a look at the cast of characters on Breakout Kings and then hopefully check it out if it is ever on Hulu or Netflix. At only thirteen episodes it’s well worth watching if you have some down time. It’s like Law and Order but with the Hollywood feel to it and some great humor thrown in between the cast mates.

Charlie Duchamp

A former U.S. Marine with a heart condition that landed him a desk job with the U.S. Marshals, the Breakout Kings task force under his command is his chance to get out from behind that desk. Charlie is definitely not my favorite character on the show; he treats the convicts working for him like they’re just tools and has that Marine no-nonsense attitude about him. Regardless of that Charlie is an honorable good guy who tries to do his job as best he can despite his heart condition.

Ray Zancanelli

Ray is on thin ice with his superiors at the moment for taking some money he shouldn’t have to pay for his daughter’s car. He currently lives in a halfway house and his only shot of getting out and back to a halfway decent life is by the success of the Breakout Kings Task Force him and Charlie lead. Ray is definitely the foul-mouthed tough guy of the group, but he also adds some comic relief to the mix, which is good because the other authority figure Charlie doesn’t show us much humor.

Julianne Simms

Julianne is like the team’s ‘Oracle’ (from Batman). She’s tech savvy in every way and is the best at what she does. There’s only one problem…. She suffers from panic attacks, depression and has severe social anxiety. But I guess that makes her the perfect computer guru. She sees working for the Breakout Kings as a better alternative to working from her basement as a telemarketer. At least this way she can get back to some semblance of what she was— the top in her class at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Facility.

Shea Daniels

Shea is probably the most street smart out of the convicts recruited by Ray and Charlie. He created a gang at 17 that spread to 40 cities in 32 different states, making Shea quite the little street kingpin. Even though he helps the group, Shea never stops plotting to make his escape into the world. It makes you wonder if once he has the opportunity if he’ll take it.

Lloyd Lowery

Lloyd is pretty much a genius who royally screwed up his life with online slots gambling and selling prescription drugs to the wrong people. He graduated from high school at 12, college at 16 and was done with med school by 20. Very impressive. Lloyd is easily my favorite character and the main comic relief on the show. His main role is as the team’s psychiatrist who gets into the criminals’ heads to contemplate their next move.

Erica Reed

Erica is the convict of the group who is extremely easy on the eyes, played by the lovely Serinda Swan. Erica was landed in prison due to an arms technicality, but has five tally marks on her arm supposedly representing five of the six people responsible for her father’s death. Erica has an affinity for tracking down criminals, thanks to the lifetime of training her now deceased bounty hunter father passed down to her. She is hot but deadly!

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