Akira Changes…Again

I’m just going to come out and say it: will everyone involved in this project please just pack it up and walk away from the whole thing? From the inability to cast two lead roles even from the likes of Keanu Reeves to the switching of directors, now there is the announcement of a budget cut of about 50 million bucks. Not that budgets make a movie, but with all of the problems combined this project is heading for nothing but trouble if it ever indeed gets off the ground.

Here’s the latest from IGN:

 Variety has the report, adding that the project has been reconfigured as a $90 million tent pole. That’s down quite a bit from the previously reported $140 million budget.

But that’s part of why Collet-Serra has been brought in, as he apparently has a reputation for turning in money-makers on tight budgets (see also his House of Wax remake and the recent Liam Neeson thriller Unknown).

As for Collet-Serra being the new director, I didn’t mind Orphan and House of Wax, but I have yet to see Unknown. This movie would definitely be his big break after Unknown, but quite frankly I wouldn’t care if they cast this movie into the destroying hands of Uwe Boll. As I discussed with a colleague the other day, I think Akira might be better as a CG movie instead of animated. And at the rate the live-action movie is going that may be coming true sooner than we think.

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