Batman: Arkham City – Penguin Trailer (Solomon Grundy and Talia Al’Ghul Too!)

We thought Arkham City couldn’t look any better… but it does. We’ve all known the Penguin, Oswald Cobblepot, was going to show up in the game, and we’ve seen him in a couple pictures, but now we get to see him in his very own trailer. And as he tells Batman – “I’ve got a little surprise for you down there!”

We are indeed surprised to find out what he’s babbling on about in the trailer. There’s also picture of Talia Al’Ghul for everyone to take a gander at. No news yet as to what she might be up to in the game, but the picture is worth looking at for a few minutes.

Here’s the scoop from IGN as well:

If you needed a sexy reason to get even more excited for Batman: Arkham City, developer Rocksteady today revealed Talia al Ghul, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly. Yes, Damian Wayne’s mom, Ra’s daughter and Batman’s love interest Talia is coming to Arkham City and being voiced by Stana Katic from ABC’s Castle.

Oh boy, Catwoman and Talia in the same game? There’s going to be some major cat-fighting going down! (Pun intended to the max) Bats is going to have his hands full in this game, and he’ll be fighting a lot of villains too. Yup, good ole’ Solomon Grundy, born on a Monday, Christened on a Tuesday and all that seems to be having a part in Arkham City. To me that kicks total ass and I know this is exactly what Dr. Kronner is thinking:

He must be stepping in for Bane in this game as the giant baddie you have to take down. Personally I’m still hoping Croc will show up at some point so you can fight him one on one instead of just running away from him. But let’s get back to Penguin.

I thought he looked fantastic in the trailer, and it’s great they gave him the persona of being extremely ruthless in this canon of Batman, because to tell you the truth I was getting a little sick of his crime boss/informant role that he had been relegated to for such a long time in the comics. And his thick English accent is very fitting and makes him more gritty in that “Snatch” sort of way. It was like a hybrid of “Brick Top” and Ray Winstone. I can’t wait until October 18th. I may try the Cartman method of freezing myself so it gets here quicker…

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