George Lucas and The Phantom Menace of The Rogue Stormtrooper Masks’ Revenge

Okay, so my title was a huge crack at how ridiculous George Lucas’ movie titles were getting with the Star Wars movies. So let’s take a look at how someone else took a big crack at the empire know as Lucasfilm, run by none other than ‘The Maker’ and creator of a Galaxy Far Far Away George Lucas.

I must have missed the newsflash back when he won a lawsuit against an engineer named Andrew Ainsworth, the man supposedly responsible designing the Stormtrooper helmets for Episode 4: A New Hope. Lucas and his minions however claim that they already mapped out how the look of the helmet was to be and that Ainsworth only produced the helmets physically. So apparently Ainsworth and his studio have been making Stormtrooper helmets for quite sometime before ole’ Georgie boy shut them down back in 2006, but that didn’t stop Mr. Ainsworth and company from producing the replicas in the United Kingdom with any hindrance.

Just throw one of those helmets on and you’re good.

So of course Mr. Lucas went there to stop this rebel scum and what do you think happened with his lawsuit? If you said “he won and Mr. Ainsworth was disintegrated by George Lucas wearing Boba Fett armor.” then you would be completely wrong. The U.K. Supreme Court ruled in favor of Mr. Ainsworth’s appeal and said this via Deadline:

In the UK, Lucasfilm had to prove that the helmets were works of art to qualify for copyright protection under the law. “It was the Star Wars film that was the work of art that Mr. Lucas and his companies created,” the justices wrote. “The helmet was utilitarian, in the sense that it was an element in the process of production of the film.”

So I guess there’s one win for the little guy. Sorry Lucasfilm, you can’t win em’ all. But on the other hand Mr. Ainsworth had this to say after the ruling – “If there is a Force, then it has been with me these past five years.” Seriously tool? Go make a living doing something besides selling white plastic cannon-fodder helmets to a bunch of fan boys. Now what’s his website so I can buy one of these?

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