LOST Deleted Scene From Comic-Con – Proof it Was All Planned

Okay so this isn’t really a true deleted scene. But sure is effin’ hilarious. It shows a scene between Jack and Locke from season one when they are debating about whether or not to open the hatch, and their belief in faith. And who’s watching in the bushes? Jacob and the Man in Black! Don’t take my word for how funny it was though, watch for yourself below:

Awesome. Now I’d like to make clear that I was a huge fan of Lost, even the time travel stuff and the ending. I thought things would go a little different, but I enjoyed everything. Some people hated and probably went on murderous rampages, but they probably laughed at the clip above during computer lab in prison. Even being a fan of the whole story I’ll admit that it sounds ridiculous to the max when you hear all of the stuff talked about outside of the show.

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