Game of Thrones: Season 2 to Remain at 10 Episodes

When I first saw news of this I was a little disappointed. My whole thinking was that if they had at least a twelve episode season 2 of the show then they could have put a little more of book 3/season 3 into the tail end, that way season 3 wouldn’t have to be cut short, but it was not to be. Check out what the show runners had to say from IGN below:

[box_light]The execs said, “If we could do 12 episodes, we would,” but that the creators of the show couldn’t “physically make more than 10” given the show’s scope, size and cost without either having there be more than a year-long delay between seasons or the quality being diluted. Game of Thrones was renewed while Season 1 was airing, long after it had wrapped production. It will be interesting to see if Season 3 (and beyond) get earlier renewals, giving the team more time to work – and perhaps allow for longer seasons.[/box_light]

Apparently to us simpletons there is far more that goes into a one hour episode of A Game of Thrones than we think, which is understandable because I’ll guarantee there is. At this point I’m more worried about season 3, since A Storm of Swords was 1,128 pages long and seemed like there was a lot more going on in the story than there was in book 2. Season 3 will undoubtedly be the best season yet if it’s done right. And by done right I mean they can’t be cutting out a whole bunch of stuff. I hope the show runs to completion on all of the books, even though George R.R. Martin is still writing away at them. They also touched on that at IGN:

[box_light]With Season 1 such a big success, HBO clearly has a lot of enthusiasm about Game of Thrones, and at one point during the Q&A today the execs said, “We told George [R.R. Martin] we’d go as long as he kept writing.” Of course that’s not an official commitment to pick up the series for years, and Lombardo admitted, “It would be wonderful to say ‘this show will go on for ten years and include [every aspect] of the books,” but I don’t know if that will be the case.”

Still, they are clearly hopeful for the show to go the distance, given the fandom so far, noting it was new for them. At one point, the execs remarked, “People have been watching casting on this show in a way we’ve never experienced before.”[/box_light]

I think with more and more fans spreading the word that Game of Thrones will remain the ratings monster that it has been for HBO. Hopefully this means that certain scenes will still look good due to budgeting and we’ll get to see the whole story play out. If not then I suppose we still have George Martin’s excellent books to read.

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