DC Comics Review: Green Lantern – Emerald Warriors #12

Things have been kind of hit and miss in the Green Lantern world of comics since the end of the War of The Green Lanterns, but Emerald Warriors #12 was a definite hit for me. Not the most ground breaking of issues, but a nice stand alone to help get us through to the 52 number 1’s in September. I’ve basically come to the conclusion that not much happening in DC is really that relevant because of the so called “reboot” that is coming up, but that doesn’t mean us readers can’t still have fun before everything changes.

This is a Guy Gardner centric issue, so if you don’t like Mr. Bowl-cut then take a hike. I actually really like Gardner even after hating his smug face for so many years. He’s an asshole, but a good intentioned asshole. Simple story, which many times is good: Guy gets summoned by the guardians to deal with a problem: something is destroying Green Lantern Precinct Houses throughout the galaxy and it seems to be due to Mogo being killed during the GL War. (Nice going Stewart.)

Epic failure Stewart….

 A fragment infused with Green Lantern energy hit a prison holding a creature the Corps. imprisoned a long time ago, and it’s a creature who loves to feed on the green energy of will power. It seems like the Guardians have way too much shit locked up and secreted away and it always comes back to bite everyone in the ass. Guardians of the universe indeed…. Anywho, Gardner gets the authority to round up a team of lanterns to go and stop this creature known as the Gigorr before it destroys any other precincts.

Assault on Precinct 3595

Overall I have to give the issue a 4 out of 5 bears. Decent art and a quick, easy story that even a casual reader can jump onto makes for a good issue in my opinion.

I loved how Gardner chose a group of lanterns who all had authority problems like him, it was just sad to know that we’ll never see some of them again. The Gigorr was an interesting enough villain. It’s always good to have something that is more primal than diabolical. There was no reasoning with this thing, it only thinks “Mmmm… Green Lanterns. I think I’ll eat them.” I’m hoping against hope that the Gigorr may return to pester the Corps again in the future.

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