Trailer Review: Attack the Block (Official and Red Band)

Attack the Block. Like Stomp the Yard? Verb the Noun!

  “It’s inner city versus outer space.”

I’ve got to say I’m not sure about this one.  Seeing as it is from the producers of Shaun of the Dead (which I love) and Scott Pilgrim Vs.  the World (which I don’t hate) this flick could have some potential. Here’s the basic plot from IMDB:

A teen gang in South London defend their block from an alien invasion.

Sounds complicated. Here is the first of the 2 trailers.

As per usual, here is a movie of the times. Like Shaun of the Dead which was timed perfectly with at the beginning (you could argue was a catalyst toward) an entertainment zombie boom, Attack the Block is poised to ride the wave of movies that are focusing on Aliens invading, and kids coming together for the adventure (Super 8). However, the Alien invasion movies have not really been catching much steam like the zombie infestation.

My expectations are limited with this one, as I can’t really tell much from the trailer. The main character of Moses (John Boyega) seems like he can play the part, but the other kids blend together in this trailer. We’ll see on that one. The other positive for me is the presence of Nick Frost as his seemingly typical role as a slacker/dimwit. While he undoubtedly will aid in the humor arena, his part looks to be just larger than a cameo. I hope I’m wrong on that one.

 However, here’s the Red Band Trailer to at least give you full lines.

Well it looks like Ron (Frost) will play a slightly larger role, and there are a few laughs just from the trailer, with my personal favorite being:

“No one’s ever gonna call you ‘Mayhem’ if you keep acting like such a pussy.”

The screenplay was written and directed by Joe Cornish, who also wrote The Adventures of Tin Tin (2011), and is slated to write Ant-Man (2014-ish). I’m not sure that helps the cause though.

I’m giving this trailer two and a half out of five Chunks (yes, from The Goonies) because I’m hopeful that it will be funny and worthy of being associated with Shaun of the Dead, but I’m simply not ready to commit.

US Limited Release was July 29th, no word yet on a wide release…

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