Sons of Anarchy: New Footage of Season 4

Last month we showed you the teaser for the upcoming 4th season of FX’s biggest hit. Now we have an actual trailer that feature more than just weathered pictures and Chilli Peppers music, and it seems Charming, well, it is a’changin, and the Sons, they may be getting pushed out.

With Chief Unser forced into retirement, the club no longer has the local authorities in their pocket. That, coupled with Hale’s death, triggered the department’s absorption into the Sheriffs. And they seem less cooperative.What excites me here though is the man playing our new Sheriff – Rockmond Dunbar.

Most people will probably best recognize Dunbar from Prison Break, but for me I will always associate him with another role – ‘Detective Mark Gustafson’ – the cigarette tip chewing, ex-partner of Hank Dolworth on Terriers. And anyone involved in the production of Terriers is forever endeared to me. It also doesn’t hurt that he had a guest spot on The Chicago Code, and was in the 2005 under the radar piece of awesomeness – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, which, along with Sin City and Batman Begins, makes up my official TOP 3 MOVIES OF 2005!

Anyhow, there’s a new Sheriff in town! Heres the trailer, complete with a beard-less Rockmond Dunbar.

I’m starting to get pumped. After a 2nd season that I’d call as good as any on TV, season 3 was a step back in my mind, but I can’t wait for this to start.

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