The Return of Austin Powers…. Yeah Baby!

Well it had to happen. One franchise, thought dead long ago, is on the track to return to our movie screens once more. It’s been about nine years since the last Austin Powers movie came out in the form of ‘Gold Member‘ and I’m sure I’m’ not the first one to admit that it sucked pretty hard. I think at that point Austin had just become annoying along with the rest of his multiple characters. The formula just got outdated, but now there is a whole other generation of people who dig the raunchy sex and fecal jokes that so many found appealing back in 1997. Check out the news below via IGN:

HitFix is reporting that Mike Myers has signed on to return to his biggest movie role ever — the titular inept spy — for Austin Powers 4. (Yes, AP was even bigger than Wayne.)

Okay, so it’s not much to go on. There is no mention of who would be signing on besides Mike Myers (who else do you need?) or what the story is, but let’s face it: Austin Powers movies could probably be written by a duo of teenagers just entering puberty. They definitely need to bring Seth Green back in as Scott Evil or I won’t even go see the damned movie.

What’s everyone think about this news? Is it too late to bring Austin Powers back into our lives? Will he be as groovy as we once remembered? Myers tried to play another goofy character in the Love Guru if you can remember that soggy piece of scum-crust. I’ve actually tried to suppress the memory of it completely.

2 thoughts on “The Return of Austin Powers…. Yeah Baby!”

  1. Goldmember wasn’t that bad. It’s no worse then the other two – not really. And I quite liked them all.
    But it would deffinatley need Seth Green back.


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