Godzark’s (Overly Optimistic) Preview of INSIDE OUT: It’s bound to be “Right Side Up.”

Every once in a great while I see a movie preview that gets me so excited that I lose sleep the week of its release. A movie that even with only a 30 second trailer, I know is going to keep my eyes glued to the screen for two hours. This week a movie is set for release that fits these characteristics, and that movie is called, Inside Out.

Inside Out, stars Triple H, Parker Posey, Bruce Dern, a jar of pickles, and an acting legend that we’ll discuss in just a little bit. First though – Triple H.

Sure Triple H has made quite a name for himself in the world of professional wrestling, but his accomplishments in the squared circle mean nothing in the world of professional acting. Let’s face it, most of us see a movie trailer with a professional wrestler in it and we instantly throw it into the “Do not see,” pile in our head, however for Triple H’s new movie, Inside Out, this may not be the case.

This is how I shower.

In the movie Inside Out, Triple H has teamed up with acting icon, MICHAEL RAPAPORT to bring audiences two hours of non-stop action gold! Michael Rapaport’s acting prowess has been seen time and time again in every movie he has done, so one can only imagine the honor it must be for Triple H, being chosen to star on the big screen with him. For those who have been living under a rock, or have not ever treated themselves to a film or television show with Mr. Rapaport in it, let me introduce this man to you all.

New York native Michael Rapaport has, for over 20 years, left his mark in the entertainment business, starring in both movies and television shows. With such seminal films as, The 6th Day , Deep Blue Sea , and Dr. Dolittle 2 , Michael Rappaport has shared his gift of acting with the rest of the world, all while solidifying his legacy as the world’s greatest entertainer.

In the 1990’s, fans of shows such as NYPD Blue, Friends, and ER were all treated to special appearances by the tall statured, curly-haired, acting genius. Although he made appearances on these shows, he never had a fulltime role, which was more than likely due to these shows not possessing the funding that it would take to hire on an actor of his caliber for a full season, let alone multiple seasons. He did however have a show on FOX from 2005-2007 – The War at Homewhich in my opinion was one of the best television series of the last 20 years!

Now that I have introduced a man who should need no introduction, let me give you all the basic premise of, Inside Out, just to get you all a little excited for this action packed blockbuster:

AJ who is played by Triple H, has just gotten out of prison for manslaughter of a man who intended on killing his best friend Jack. While in prison, Jack (Rapaport), takes care of AJ’s wife and daughter who he never knew he had. While out of prison AJ has high hopes of leaving his old ways behind him, and starting a new life. These plans are quickly interrupted as AJ is quickly forced into a situation where he once again has to protect his best friend from another mobster, Jacks own father. Will Triple H, go into total ass whooping mode, or will he bitch out??? My guess is that we’re gonna see Triple H throw down with some sorry SOB’s.

I, for one, will be at the movies at 10 a.m. on Friday morning to see the first showing of this film, and I can’t wait. It’s about time that we saw the resurgence of good old fashion action movies, with quality acting, and I’m sure with Michael Rappaport’s guidance, we will see a great performance from Triple H as well.  With how much Triple H kicks ass in the ring, and how much Michael Rapaport kicks ass at life/acting, there is no way this movie is going to let any true action movie fan down. There is no doubt that Inside Out is going to be RIGHT SIDE UP!!!

If you are unable to see the movie in theaters, have no fear the movie is set to be released on DVD in less than three weeks!

3 thoughts on “Godzark’s (Overly Optimistic) Preview of INSIDE OUT: It’s bound to be “Right Side Up.””

  1. DAMNIT!!!!! This movie isn’t playing anywhere in theaters guys. I don’t know why, this sucks though. I’m gonna have to wait another couple of weeks for it’s dvd release, then you can all count on me reviewing how great this movie was!


  2. Micheal Rapaport is a terrible actor! He plays the same guy in everything he’s in, the exact same way! Absolute trash when it comes to acting.


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