DC Comics Review: Action Comics #1 – New 52!

Anyone who doesn’t like Grant Morrison, please stop reading this article and don’t pick up the issue. Everyone usually has a problem with his extreme takes on certain heroes we know and love, but honestly this one was not too over the top. I guess if you’re disappointed in Supes’ new digs (Jeans, a ‘S‘ T-shirt and a cape) you probably won’t enjoy the comic either. I however did enjoy the issue a great deal.

Once again I can’t figure out the angle of the new number ones aside from attracting new readers. Is it new continuity? Is it ten years before what we now know of the DC Universe? 20 years? Who knows, but I guess who cares! It’s number one and it’s a new beginning! Superman operates a little bit like Batman in this issue, hitting big criminals like a true vigilante and holding them over skyscraper balconies if they don’t talk. Not that Supes would actually kill said criminals… He is relatively new in town, the cops treating him as more of a threat than a help and of course there are those in the shadows monitoring him and the potential threat he poses. I’ll give you two guesses on who’s doing the watching on that one.

I really enjoyed the issue. Like I said, with Grant Morrison writing you expect something completely off the wall but he was a little subdued in this one which isn’t necessarily a bad thing because he still did the job. It’s good to see all of the major characters showing up already, with Lois, Jimmy and Luthor all making appearances. I like the new angle on Clark in the issue as well, as he works for a rival paper against Lois and Jimmy’s Daily Planet. I’m sure eventually he’ll make the switch over but in the meantime it’s more interesting to see him as a rival to Lois instead of a partner. Another thing I found interesting was that even though Superman was always known as invincible, a thing I disliked about him as a hero, he didn’t seem to be completely untouchable in this issue. If they want Superman to not be so boring then they’ll continue having him get beat up a little bit, especially when it’s not involving another Kryptonian or Kryptonite. It’s never good when a hero only has one weakness that hardly ever gets utilized.

Alternate Jim Lee cover

Rags Morales is of course excellent with the pencils in the issue and let’s face it, he rarely misses his mark. I’ll be getting the next issue of Action Comics when it comes out because DC is definitely doing the job of keeping people interested in a whole new jumping on point for their comics. Will it sustain itself for very long? Maybe, but I’m on-board for the moment. I give it five out of five grizzlies because it had everything I wanted, a good fresh story and excellent art I hope the Morrison-Morales duo keeps it up.

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