Curb Your Enthusiasm: 8.10 – “Larry Vs. Michael J. Fox” Review

It’s the end of another Curb season and I have to say I am deeply fulfilled from the entirety. Between the chat and cuts, car periscopes, Palestinian chicken and Bill Buckner it was a pretty memorable run. I think since watching the previews of this week’s show though, I’ve been anticipating this episode with Michael J. Fox the most. Even more than the Ricky Gervais episode. This episode will beg the question: Is it pissed or Parkinson’s?

Larry has a run in of sorts with Michael J. Fox at the apartment place where they both stay, as his current girlfriend Jennifer plays the background piano music in the lounge. Larry becomes a little irritated that people aren’t paying much attention to her playing including Fox and Fox has the opinion that it’s “just” background music. As Fox departs Larry can’t tell if the Back to the Future star is giving him a disapproving shake of the head or if it’s due to his condition. Things get really heated and hilarious as Larry has a couple more incidents with his new neighbor and adopts the theory that Fox is just using Parkinson’s as a shield in order to be an asshole to him.

We also get introduced to Jennifer’s son Greg, who is a little effeminate or as Larry calls him “flamboyant”. The gift the gets the kid doesn’t sit well with his mother, nor does the product that he makes from it.

The ending to the episode was brilliant as Larry proves that social assassination is international and can be applied even in France. I give the episode a five out of five bears. It was a great episode all around and a good finale to a great season. Plus Michael J. Fox will always be the shiznite in my book! I can’t wait to hear if Larry David signs on for another season of the show, but I think he will because at this point it looks like he’s having way too much fun. I suppose we’ll have Bored to Death and Eastbound and Down to hold us over until then. Till next time Mr. David.

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