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Louis CK and the Diceman to Star in Woody Allen Film

Woody Allen has always been known for his somewhat offbeat casting, as well as working with pretty much every actor in Hollywood, but today’s casting news regarding Allen’s next film is both long overdue, and completely surprising. Comedians Louis CK and Andrew Dice Clay are both set to star in Woody Allen’s next film. With no title or any plot details released, the only thing we know is that the cast will also include Alec Baldwin, Cate Blanchett, and Peter Sarsgaard.

According to Film Drunk, Louis CK hired story editor, Susan E. Morse, a woman who used to work for Woody Allen. In an interview regarding the film, she had this to say:

“I think it would be absolutely great for those two guys to work together and to collaborate on some level. I think they would appreciate each other. They have different and similar personalities; it would be interesting to see them together. I think one of the things Woody would love about Louis would be the fact that there’s no way in hell Louis would be trying to “do Woody,” if he were to take on the “Woody Allen role” in a film. That was always an exasperating thing that would happen when people were trying to carry that lead role, they would often try to mimic Woody’s delivery, whereas he encouraged them to be themselves. He was always happier if they took whatever he wrote and put it in a vocabulary that was natural to them, rather than to say things literally, the way he had written them. Nothing was to be taken as though it was etched in stone.”

The casting of notoriously foul-mouthed Dice Clay is still a surprising turn of events, but considering Allen has worked with everyone from Owen Wilson to Alan Alda to Will Ferrell to even Leonardo DiCaprio, I’m sure he can make it work. Fresh off of winning an Oscar for his 2011 film Midnight In Paris, Allen’s next film, To Rome With Love, is set to be released on June 22nd of this year, but that hasn’t stopped Allen from getting right back to work on his 2013 film.

As for Louis CK, well, there’s no doubt that it’s going to spark comedic gold. Although 2009’s Whatever Works wasn’t Allen’s best film, there’s no question that Larry David’s committed performance wasn’t a near-perfect meeting of the minds. With that being said, I wish Allen would use CK for a more dramatic role, something I know he’s capable of. The 2000s gave fans of Allen two great dramas, Match Point and Cassandra’s Dream. I think it’d be pretty cool if Allen went against expectations and, instead of bringing a bunch of funny people together to do a comedy, he did a drama instead. Still, this probably won’t be the case and I’m excited for any collaboration between Allen and CK.

Curb Your Enthusiasm: 8.10 – “Larry Vs. Michael J. Fox” Review

It’s the end of another Curb season and I have to say I am deeply fulfilled from the entirety. Between the chat and cuts, car periscopes, Palestinian chicken and Bill Buckner it was a pretty memorable run. I think since watching the previews of this week’s show though, I’ve been anticipating this episode with Michael J. Fox the most. Even more than the Ricky Gervais episode. This episode will beg the question: Is it pissed or Parkinson’s?

Larry has a run in of sorts with Michael J. Fox at the apartment place where they both stay, as his current girlfriend Jennifer plays the background piano music in the lounge. Larry becomes a little irritated that people aren’t paying much attention to her playing including Fox and Fox has the opinion that it’s “just” background music. As Fox departs Larry can’t tell if the Back to the Future star is giving him a disapproving shake of the head or if it’s due to his condition. Things get really heated and hilarious as Larry has a couple more incidents with his new neighbor and adopts the theory that Fox is just using Parkinson’s as a shield in order to be an asshole to him.

We also get introduced to Jennifer’s son Greg, who is a little effeminate or as Larry calls him “flamboyant”. The gift the gets the kid doesn’t sit well with his mother, nor does the product that he makes from it.

The ending to the episode was brilliant as Larry proves that social assassination is international and can be applied even in France. I give the episode a five out of five bears. It was a great episode all around and a good finale to a great season. Plus Michael J. Fox will always be the shiznite in my book! I can’t wait to hear if Larry David signs on for another season of the show, but I think he will because at this point it looks like he’s having way too much fun. I suppose we’ll have Bored to Death and Eastbound and Down to hold us over until then. Till next time Mr. David.

Curb Your Enthusiasm: 8.09 – “Mister Softee” Review

This episode had a lot to live up to with last week’s Car Periscope being so awesome, but it was definitely off to a roaring start with Larry disclosing to his current therapist his childhood traumatizing by the Mister Softee ice cream truck. You see, in his youth Larry was playing strip poker with the ice cream truck driver’s daughter in the Mister Softee truck. When he was down to his birthday suit the dad walks in throwing him out to the sidewalk so the whole neighborhood gets to see little Larry. Now whenever the Mister Softee truck is around, Larry crumbles. Throughout the episode the Mister Softee truck causes Larry trouble whether it be softball or sex and when Larry runs into Bill Buckner at a signing convention the episode just gets better and better. It was great seeing Larry and Leon together again after having no interactions whatsoever during the previous installment.

Between Larry’s “modified car seat”, his softball coach Yari, and Bill Buckner’s ultimate redemption this episode is a definite five out of five bears. I can only hope next week’s finale can top this!

Curb Your Enthusiasm: 8.08 – “Car Periscope” Review

I gotta tell you, after watching this episode I absolutely want a periscope on the top of my car. Sounds silly right? Not after you watch this Curb episode. This episode reminded me so much of a Seinfeld episode. Imagine Larry and Jeff driving a car equipped with a periscope through the streets of New York chasing a one armed man who framed Larry. That sounds like a Kramer-Castanza adventure right there.

Larry runs into nothing but trouble in this episode. Wanda returns in New York (funny how everyone ends up in NY) just in time to try and steal Larry’s trainer. Probably the funniest bit in the episode are Larry’s interactions with Grant Shaud’s (Murphy Brown) father “Judge Horn” who spouts out all sorts of racial epithets whilst playing scrabble.

Larry raises a very interesting idea through the course of the episode, even though it gets him into even more trouble with those around him. Does a good looking guy who marries a not so attractive woman mean he has more integrity than the next guy? To Mr. David does and he let’s that idea guide him for better or worse.

I give this episode a 4.5 out of 5 grizzlies. It was worth watching just for the car periscope and the racist Judge Horn. Only two episodes left in the season, let’s hope for a glorious finale!

Curb Your Enthusiasm: 8.07 – “The Bi-Sexual” Review

It’s a very interesting predicament Larry finds himself in during the episode, dealing of course with the title’s ‘Bi-Sexual’. Larry is at an art exhibit and meets a woman (again) who gives him her number. He’s very happy about it and is describing her to his friend Rosie O’Donnell who is also at the art exhibit. She also met a woman there who she is excited to call, and as they both describe their new prospects it turns out that it’s the same chick. So in the spirit of friendship they decide to compete to see who can win the affections of the bi-sexual woman.

While the situation between Larry and Rosie was good, the episode itself wasn’t one of the best this season, especially after the last episode with Ricky Gervais which was excellent. Even with Leon (JB Smoove) showing in New York at Larry’s place didn’t make the episode a whole lot better. At least now that he is there we may get some good moments between the two of them during the season.

The whole episode turns into one giant baseball analogy (as sex often does) and Larry’s use of a certain performance enhancing drug ends with him being barred from entrance to the Baseball Hall of Fame, all becuase of a ‘shit bow’.

I give the episode 2 out of 5 grizzlies. Funny on some parts but overall not that great. I definitely won’t be falling in the Viagra trap anytime soon to up my game!