Breaking Bad: Season 4, Episode 10 – ‘Salud’ Review

Well well well – Pinkman is acting like a real badass tonight. But we’ll get to that. First off, the aftermath of last week as displayed by Walt’s face. Anyhow, this episode taught us 4 major things. The most obvious, Ted Beneke is an idiot. But after that, Walt looks at Jessie like a son, you really shouldn’t mess with Gus, and Jessie Pinkman can no longer be underestimated. Kid pulled through in the clutch.

So let’s take a look. First, Beneke. This guy is like an anchor who sinks everything in his path. Against the advice of our favorite lawyer Saul Goodman, Skyler gives Ted the money he needs to payoff the IRS, disguised as a bequeathal from a relative he’s never heard of. This should end the threat of a White family audit. That is, if Ted doesn’t blow all the money first. That’s right kids, Ted buys a new car instead of paying Uncle Sam and Skyler is forced to reveal to him the true source of his newly found income. Being that Ted is an idiot, I can only assume revealing herself to him will lead to more problems.

Ted Beneke - Breaking BadSpoilers ahead…

Next, still in recovery from his Pinkman delivered (and much deserved) ass beating, Walt awakens in a medicated haze to find he has missed his son’s birthday and at one point, as Jr is taking care of him, he calls his son Jessie. That is something that Jr doesn’t fail to pick up on either.

Now that we got the Whites out of the way, let us focus on the meat of the episode: Mike, Jessie, and Gus in Mexico.

Jessie heads down to Mexico to teach his formula to the cartel and their lead chemist played by Morris O’Brian Carlo Rota. This scene we really start to see the effects of last week as Jessie’s spine has stiffened after whooping Walt’s ass. This whole scene was great, there is even a part where Mike almost smiles. If Jessie was in danger before this episode, he’s out of it now. The looks on the faces of Gus and Mike are that of restrained glee and pride. Suck it Morris!

So, at the end of these scene Jessie learns that the cartel means to keep him in Mexico, an outcome he wants no part of. Lucky for him, Gus isn’t about the let the Don take another cook from him, and his revenge is at hand. 20 years removed from his last visit to the Don’s poolside, Gus exacted a revenge for the record books. He takes out the Don and all his Capos in one fell swoop. Having never intended to hand over the recipe, Gus used this trip South to settle old debts.

On their way out, Jessie again proves himself valuable by taking out the last shooter. Looks like all those video games paid off bro.

Excellent episode. And it ends with Gus and Mike both injured and in Jessie’s care. He could let them die and walk scott free, leaving him and Walt to live their lives. But I think we’ll instead see him save them both and for the first time in the series really take the reins from Walt as the moral center of the show.

5/5 Bitches!

2 thoughts on “Breaking Bad: Season 4, Episode 10 – ‘Salud’ Review”

  1. Great, great episode. I was left slack-jawed by the scene at the pool. I wonder if I just saw the best hour in the history of television (at least since the Moon landing).. After this, I wonder if I should waste my time on “The Walking Dead” and the intricate, but slow and frustratiing, “The Killing.” I would like to reconstruct the planning conversations that Mike and Gus must have had before going to Mexico.0


  2. Hell of an episode. Is anyone still complaining this season is moving too slow? Didn’t think so.

    I think Jesse just earned himself a promotion.

    As for Gus, it looks like he’s really just taking care of things one step at a time. His only worries were if Hank happened to be surveilling while the cartel made their move. Now that he’s got that out of the way he can deal with Hank without too many worries… except for Walt who’s bound to eff things up.

    Great episode… that last scene was like Scarface meets Pulp Fiction IMO. Mob violence tempered with a twist of Tarantino like irony. I had an adrenaline rush just watching it.

    Can’t wait for next week.


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