Breaking Bad: Season 4, Episode 11 – ‘Crawl Space’ Review

In an expected come down from episode 10, Sunday’s Breaking Bad showed us Walt on the very edge. What was just an average episode for the 43 minutes, did more with just the last few moments than some shows will do in a whole hour. That last 2 minutes was chilling. And I loved it. But we’ll get back to that, first the buildup.

We start with the conclusion of last week’s excellentfest when Jessie delivers Gus and Mike to their doctor, and you realize Mike’s injury may have been more severe than previously thought.

Walt then learns, that while he’s been recouping, and Jessie has been out-of-town, someone else has been cooking in the lab. This, paired with Gus’ comment to Pinkman about running the lab solo have proven that Walt’s usefulness has run its course. That leads us to the next major event to play out – Walt’s trip to the desert.

And this is where things get weird, and I haven’t figured out why yet, but we hear Mike’s voice from Walt’s head.

Mike’s Voice – “If you could kill me…
Walt’s Voice – …I’d already be dead.”

Any theories on that are welcome as I don’t have a real guess. Sorry, my brain is only working at half speed right now.

The 2 other events that transpired before the end were Walt causing a car accident to keep Hank from seeing the Laundry, which seemed mildly ridiculous, but hey – better idea?

And secondly the Ted Beneke situation, which was hilarious. After Saul sent a couple of guys over the ensure Ted paid his IRS fees, ol’ Beneke makes a run for it. It doesn’t go well. He in fact gets defeated by a throw rug for the 2nd time in the episode.

Hahaha. Too good. The problem though is that this promises more Skyler over the next 2 episodes, but with any luck there will be enough Saul to balance it out.

Finally, the last scene. Holy crap. Walt’s mad scramble for the cash in the crawl space, learning that Skyler gave it away, Marie’s phone call – all with the background of the Joker’s Walt’s laughter. Chilling my friends.

The first 43 minutes get a 2/5 and the last 2 minutes get a 6/5 (Yeah – that’s right) so that evens out to about a 4/5.

Breaking Bad, Crawl Space

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