The Walking Dead Season Two Updates!

As the air date rapidly approaches, AMC’s The Walking Dead season two is becoming one of the most anticipated shows of the fall. In my opinion, October 16 could NOT come fast enough!

First things first: The Walking Dead has a new head-honcho. Ex-executive producer and writer Frank Darabont has left the show, leaving Glen Mazzara as the new hefe, and Robert Kirkman remains the executive producer. Some thought that Darabont’s leaving might hurt the show, and there were a lot of rumors that budget cuts would also take away from the entertainment value. However, according to The Hollywood Reporter, if the first two episodes of season two are any indication of the show’s success, the fans should not worry. THR says that the show will continue its authentic story-driven thrill and zombified horror.

The Walking Dead Season TwoSecond things second: The Walking Dead has websiodes online! The Walking Dead: Torn Apart – A six episode series is available now at AMC or on YouTube. The webisodes explore Hannah the bicycle girl, and her struggle through the apocalypse. (She is the torn apart zombie Rick Grimes discovered in halves during the first episode*)

The Walking Dead Season Two

Thirdly: There is a new trailer out for The Walking Dead Season Two in which they introduce a church. It looks as if some of the survivors–or all of them possibly–are beginning to lose faith. Also, some of them ponder slipping away from the pack. “Let’s split up” are usually someone’s last words in a horror film, so I really hope that does not happen.

Cuatro: The Walking Dead executive producer Marazza says that the majority of Season two will take place in Hershel’s Farm, a familiar location in the comics. He also said, according to MTV news, that to make this show work and keep it going, we have to assume the zombies are winning. I feel like that is pretty easy to do, considering how many survivors we know about versus how many zombies in hoards we have seen. Marazza also said he is dying to introduce the governor into the show, but that he was not a part of the Hershel storyline. It was not made clear whether he will be introduced into this season or not.

If all of that doesn’t make you excited for The Walking Dead Season Two, I don’t know what would. This looks like a dangerous, thrilling, and gory season on the horizon!

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