Breaking Bad: Season 4, Episode 13 – “Face Off” Finale Review

Face off. Wow – Aptly titled. Tonight’s episode started off right where last week’s ended – with Walt having failed in his attempt to blow up Gus and Jessie still hanging around the hospital. As the episode progresses Walt learns about the relationship between Gus and Hector and heads to the retirement home.

Hank and the family are still under protection and Saul is scrambling for his life. I’m not gonna recap the whole episode, because those are everywhere. BUT – I will give you the goods here:

And let’s all thank Warming Glow for this: (MAJOR SPOILER)

Gus's Face, Two-Face, Breaking Bad, Animated Gif That’s right, they pulled a ‘Two-Face’ move with Gus. Then he died. It was the jam. The finale was great, and they wrapped up a lot of loose ends. So the big question for next year is – What happens now?

My best guess is that we get a ‘Jessie vs. Walt vs. Hank’ triangle. I do think that Walt poisoned Brock, and that’s gonna likely come back to bite him. This means that yes – I admit I was wrong last week when I was sure Walt had nothing to do with it. Just shows what I know I guess. Plus, Mike is still alive and could play a role. Someone has to take over Gus’ business. I also think the show will end with the return of of Walt’s cancer.

We’ll see though. 

4/5 on the Finale. 5/5 for the Season.

 Unfortunately though next season we will most likely have to deal with the Ted Beneke situation, which means more Skyler and that’s never good. But it also means more Saul, and that is good. SO yeah.

R.I.P. Gus 

2 thoughts on “Breaking Bad: Season 4, Episode 13 – “Face Off” Finale Review”

  1. Walt has now become the new Gus —- a cunning killer willing to use anyone and anything to accomplish his purposes. Gus died because he violated his own rules of caution, blinded by his hatred of Tio. He wanted to have the bitter pleasure of injecting the fatal shot into Tio himself, so he exposed himself in the one place where he was not protected. He realized his mistake at the last instant —- too late for him and Tyrus. He did not realize that Tio hated him so much that Tio was willing to cooperate with another enemy -— Walt -— and give up his own life, to kill Gus. Truly, “Mr. Chips” has become “Scarface,” as Vince Gilligan has said, especially since Walt, asked by Skyler as to whether he was involved in the death of Gus, answered laconically “I won.” He also murdered without hesitation at the laundry. I have been watching television over 50 years, and I cannot think of a better show that “Breaking Bad.” The recent episode “Salud” was the best hour of television since the moon landings. The only show that comes close to “Breaking Bad” in cinematic quality woud be the early episodes of “The Sopranos.” I think that “The Sopranos” lost something when Big Pussy went to sea. Nothing else comes close. I must admit that I have only seen one episode of “The Wire,” which I thought was fine (with a police commander telling his detective that he wanted to know immediately if a certain thing happened, when it was clear that he did NOT want to know. He just wanted his denial ON THE RECORD). I fear that “Breaking Bad” has lost something irreplacable with the death of Gus. Giancarlo Esposito deserves great praise for creating a great villian without histrionics, a courteous and glorious monster, killed by Tiom a vicious, if crippled, beast. I have watched the episode again, and, if possible, I like it even more. It is finely crafted and layered. It has a subtlety that rewards repeated viewing. I feel that I picked up so much seeing it again, For example, the mordant humor of Sol Goodman’s secretary grabbing her pathetic can of Mace when she hears the glass door shatter. Sol Goodman explaining Tio, an old, sick guy in the wheelchair (who Walt will remember), who communicates by ringing a bell -— if that “rings a bell,” of course. Or the flop of Walt —- an aging man with a fatal disease -—crawling over the wall in his backyard. The gnarled glee of Tio as his message -—“Suck My Dick” -— is spelled out to the DEA in their meeting, as they anxiously scribble it down, letter by letter. This is a triumph. I just hope the Emmy’s realize it.


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