#2 – Countdown to Halloween: THE SIXTH SENSE

In 1999, M. Night Shyamalan wrote and directed a horrific thriller called The Sixth Sense. This movie starred Bruce Willis and the used-to-be-popular Haley Joel Osment. Although I was only eleven at the time of this movie’s release, it was PG-13, and so I was allowed to see it. This movie scared the living shit out of me.

PLOT: The Sixth Sense begins by introducing Dr. Malcom Crowe (Willis) and Anna Crowe (Olivia Williams). They get into a marital argument, during which we see a former patient of Dr. Crowe (Donnie Wahlberg), holding a gun and claiming that the doctor failed with him. Before killing himself, the young man (Dr. Crowe notices that his name is Vincent Grey and that he treated him as a child) shoots the doctor in his stomach.

Some time passes, and the next situation shown to us is that Dr. Crowe is now seeing a patient named Cole (Osment) who is nine years old. The doctor notices very close similarities between his former patient who shot him, Vincent, and his new patient Cole’s conditions. He throws everything he has into this patient.

Cole explains to Dr. Crowe that he “sees dead people”. They act like regular people, and they do not know they are dead. Dr. Crowe looks back at some tapes from Vincent’s case and does some further investigating of what Cole is telling him. He believes Cole, and tells him to channel his gift into trying to communicate with the ghosts and help them. This is where the movie becomes absolutely terrifying.

There are several ghosts who talk to Cole. As Cole said before, they walk around like regular people. The ghosts which sticks out most in my mind was a younger boy. He told Cole to follow him to check out his dad’s gun. As the ghost turns around, you see a huge gaping would in the back of the boy’s head. I teared up when I first saw that part of this movie. Also, there was a wife who slit her wrists and screamed at Cole. Another little boy ghost threatens Cole.

The main ghost in this movie is Kyra Collins (Mischa Barton), who appears in Cole’s tent in his room. She throws up and says she is “feeling much better now”. Cole is terrified of her. When he finally asks her if there is something that she wants, he goes to her funeral. In her room, she gives Cole a box with a VHS tape in it. On the tape, it shows that Kyra’s mother was poisoning her soup, and keeping her sick. Cole brings the tape downstairs in front of Kyra’s friends and family and plays it for them.

Cole’s mother throughout the movie is scared for him, and does not know exactly what to do about her son. Cole explains that he talked to his grandmother, and his mom tears up and explains that his grandma is dead. He reveals something that only she could have known, making his mother believe him.

At the end of this movie, Dr. Crowe notices his wife fast asleep on their couch at home. She is holding his wedding ring and drops it on the ground. He looks at his hand and sees that he is not wearing his ring. Then, he realizes that when he was shot by Vincent, he died. He is one of the ghosts that Cole has been seeing.

Who this movie is so amazing:

First off, let me just say that as an 11-year-old, this movie scared the daylights out of me. I could not believe, and still cannot believe, that this movie is rated PG-13. It has more horrific scenes than most movies I have seen.

Also, when the little boy with the gun wound in his head turned around, I screamed so loud that I hurt my throat, and then almost cried. It was shocking. I have seen some gruesome horror movies in my day, and I still look away during that part of this movie.

The story about Kyra and her mother poisoning her was a good enough sub-story to be its own movie.

Haley Joel Osment was a very creepy kid. I would not have been surprised if someone told me that this movie was based on his real-life experiences. That kid creeped me out.

And finally… Bruce Willis being a ghost. NO ONE saw that coming. It was the type of ending where if one of your friends ruined it for you, you kicked their ass.

Overall, I give The Sixth Sense a 5/5. AMAZING horror movie!

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