Riddick Sequel Strapped For Cash

According to TMZ the new Chronicles of Riddick movie has been pretty much killed thanks to money problems.

From the sounds of things, money has been a constant issue on the set of the new Riddick film. It has even gotten to the point that Vin Diesel has gone on record to say that he would consider working for scale in order to get an R-rated version of the film made. It’s been reported that the owner of the studio in Montreal where the film is being shot changed all the locks and kicked everyone off the set last Wednesday.

According to Michael Trudel, the owner of the studio, this happened because the production company failed to pay its fees on time.

TMZ is also claiming that “sources connected to production tell us several members of the crew have not been paid in over 2 weeks … and are very concerned about getting their money.”

Now personally I could care less if another Riddick movie gets made. I thought the only movie worth seeing out of the bunch was Pitch Black. Dark Fury was terrible and Chronicles of Riddick wasn’t much better.

"Canada is so cold, please let me back in the studio."
“Canada is so cold, please let me back in the studio.”

What do you think?

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