Dexter: Season 6, Episode 6 – “Just Let Go” Review

Recap: This episode of Dexter begins with Dexter stalking Travis hoping he will lead him to Professor Gellar. Dex gets a call from Deb and she tells him that Brother Sam has been shot and is in the hospital, sending Dexter away from his personal mission. He quickly makes it to Brother Sam’s crime scene. He remembers hitting one of the thugs he came across in Sam’s shop with a baseball bat. After analyzing the blood on the bat, he finds a match. Leo Hernandez.

Dexter goes to visit Brother Sam after learning that he himself may be responsible for the shooting. He also goes to a gathering of locals praying for Brother Sam.

Notive that Geller doesn't interact with anyone but Travis...

Batista and Quinn are digging deeper into Professor Gellar’s past to try to find something useful. Deb notices in one of the old newspapers that there is a photo of a girl with a Hindu tattoo on her lower back. At that point, Quinn realizes that the girl in the photo is the same chick he porked from the bar… Carissa Porter. Quinn and Batista now have to bring her in for questioning. Awkward!

It is very endearing to see how emotionally attached Dexter is to Brother Sam. They both have a darkness inside of them. I think that at this point, Dexter looks up to Sam for being capable of putting his “dark passenger” to the side.

Deb talks to her shrink again because of the shooting in the beginning of the season. As far as the shooting goes, she is all set. Her biggest problem, though, is that she really does need therapy. She is overly stressed out with her new Lieutenant position, although she seems to be doing an amazing job.  Also, her shrink’s name is Michelle, which is the greatest name of all time.

The station noob, Mike, used some of his sources to get the name of the new shot-caller Leo Hernandez. As Mike pulls up to Leo, Dexter happens to be scouting out his saran wrap dress-size. I really like the new guy. Mike is fitting in well at the station.

They find the security DVD from the camera at Sam’s body shop. They watched it, and there was no definitive face. Dex notices that Eli, the dog, was at the shop while Sam got shot. The only other person than Sam that Eli doesn’t bark at is Nick.

Travis and Professor Gellar still have their whore tied up when Travis goes to see his sister. She is an elementary school art teacher. The little ones are painting what they are going to be when they grow up. I love seeing little bits of innocence during the show to keep things light-hearted. It does worry me, though, that those child actors may be exposed to some of the graphic scenes in the show, creating little Corey Feldmans.

When Batista is questioning Carissa about the photo where she appears naked with a dead sheep over her head, Deb pushes Quinn into the interviewing room. Batista asks about Carissa’s religious beliefs and she explains that she didn’t even know that he had religious beliefs. She also happens to mention her sexual encounter with super-stud Joey Quinn. This pisses Deb off royally. He accuses her of being jealous, which leads to a whole lot of F words. I adore Deb.

Dexter goes up to the hospital and Sam has come out of his coma. He tells Dexter to pass a message to Nick… that he forgives him for shooting him. Sam tells Dexter to let his darkness go. I was really loving Brother Sam. At the end of the episode, Brother Sam dies. I got a little bit emotional over this.

Travis brings his whore out to the middle of nowhere, and lets her go free. WHAT?

While talking to the new lab intern, Jamie Batista gets hit on by Quinn (can you blame him?), resulting to a punch in the face from Angel. Let me just take this moment to say BA HA HA HA HA! I have been waiting to see that for a long time.

 Dexter takes Nick to the beach where Brother Sam baptized him. Dexter gives Nick the chance to explain himself. Nick explains that Brother Sam was full of shit. He says that Sam never helped him because his life began as shit and was still shit. Nick says that he had to prove himself to the old gang by killing Brother Sam. Dexter gives Nick a chance to turn himself into the police. Nick laughs about how the police has no proof that it was him, obviously infuriating Dexter… and me.

Dexter then drowns Nick. The poetic justice here… you can only find it in this show. Dexter’s explanation while he is drowning Nick is that there is no light in Nick… or in himself. Instead of his father’s apparition, Dexter sees his brother Brian Moser (the ice truck killer). Is this his new darkness? I am so intrigued!

Reaction: First off, let me bring up a point that Dr. Kronner himself mentioned to me. He said that he thought Professor Gellar might be a ghost. Just as Dexter sees his father, Travis might see Professor Gellar in that same sense. Before this episode, I did not really see that as a possibility. However, it would make total sense. Travis’ constant struggle with his conscience (what he would want / what Gellar would want) is very similar to Dexter’s struggle between what his dad would think and what he thinks. This is beautiful to see!

Also, I was pretty sure that Joey Quinn could not be more of a toolbox. I was wrong. Quinn is becoming a bigger douche every episode. Can we kill him off, already? I hope Deb continues seeing this psychiatrist. Her party was lame, and she is obviously not over the Quinn drama.

Overall, I would give this episode a 5/5. Immaculate.

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