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Dexter: Season 6, Episode 9 – “Get Gellar”

RECAP AND REACTION: As we know from episode 8, Dexter finds Travis and helps him escape from Gellar’s chains. Dexter takes Travis to a motel and goes back to the police department to investigate.

When Deb is in her therapy session, she opens up more about Dexter. Also, about all of the insanely bad things that have happened to her in her life. The therapist suggests that they see each other more than once a week… understood.

Quinn… scumbag… lost his gun and his phone in a romp with a stripper.Oh no… not a stripper… a waffle house waitress. An old one. Oh gosh, some karma for Quinn is delicious. When Quinn for some reason thinks that he has the right to tell off Batista, they get into a fist-fight. This part could have been very entertaining. It was not. Someone’s gun could have gone off, someone could have gotten thrown in front of a car… yet nothing interesting happened and the fight was broken up by a passer-by.

Part of the reason Dexter is helping Travis and including him in his plan to get Gellar on his killing table is because he wants to give Travis the second chance that he, himself never got. Although I think that is very sweet, why does Dex suddenly have a soul? Why does he care what happens to Travis? WHY is Dexter so damn friendly this season? I miss the cold-blooded loner. Gellar somehow evaded Dexter and Travis and kidnapped his next victim, Casey. Casey is an atheist professor whom Gellar loathes.

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Dexter: Season 6, Episode 6 – “Just Let Go” Review

Recap: This episode of Dexter begins with Dexter stalking Travis hoping he will lead him to Professor Gellar. Dex gets a call from Deb and she tells him that Brother Sam has been shot and is in the hospital, sending Dexter away from his personal mission. He quickly makes it to Brother Sam’s crime scene. He remembers hitting one of the thugs he came across in Sam’s shop with a baseball bat. After analyzing the blood on the bat, he finds a match. Leo Hernandez.

Dexter goes to visit Brother Sam after learning that he himself may be responsible for the shooting. He also goes to a gathering of locals praying for Brother Sam.

Notive that Geller doesn't interact with anyone but Travis...

Batista and Quinn are digging deeper into Professor Gellar’s past to try to find something useful. Deb notices in one of the old newspapers that there is a photo of a girl with a Hindu tattoo on her lower back. At that point, Quinn realizes that the girl in the photo is the same chick he porked from the bar… Carissa Porter. Quinn and Batista now have to bring her in for questioning. Awkward!

It is very endearing to see how emotionally attached Dexter is to Brother Sam. They both have a darkness inside of them. I think that at this point, Dexter looks up to Sam for being capable of putting his “dark passenger” to the side.

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Dexter: Season 6, Episode 2 – “Once Upon A Time” Review

The second episode of season six of Dexter “Once Upon a Time”, was basically a setup for the rest of the season. It was packed with delicious morsels of change. For instance, not only did Quinn propose to Deb Morgan, but SHE SAID NO! Since Quinn is my least favorite character, I didn’t want that kind of permanent tie into the show.

Also, little Harrison is pointing out Daddy’s little brown box. Dexter’s box for his blood slides has apparently been seen… by a two-year-old. Don’t worry… Dex got Harrison his own box for his toys. This is a sign, though, that he will be noticing every little thing Dexter does.

 Deb Morgan is Homicide’s new Lieutenant! Although Batista was expecting the position, Matthews gave the job to Deb. LaGuerta is always finding a way to be shady or make Matthews dislike her, and, as Batista said in the episode, he always ends up paying for it.

It is unfortunate, because Angel Batista is one of the coolest characters on Dexter. He is realistic. He has tried picking up a hooker, screwed up his marriage, and got framed by Ms. “Pardon my tits”. Nevertheless, Deb is now leading the department. She is slowly but surely becoming my hero.

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