The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 5 – “Chupacabra”

RECAP: In the beginning of the episode, Shane and Rick are walking together around the woods looking for Sophia. It is hard to see them together and not think about Laurie being pregnant! I was almost hoping that the Laurie/Shane situation would get brought up hile they were walking, but no such luck. Shane did mention that he wanted to call off the search for Sophia, which pissed Rick off.

When Daryl is out looking for Sophia, he finds her doll near a swamp area. He falls into the swamp, and punctures his side with his arrow. It was awesome to see how realistic the blood spreading through the water looked. Just a minor detail that you might not even notice, unless it were done improperly. As he tried to climb out of the ditch, he fell again. He saw Merle, his brother, who talked to him and basically told him he was the outcast of the group, and only his brother would ever understand him. Merle was just a hallucination, but when Daryl awoke there was a zombie enjoying a taste of Daryl’s shoe. Watching Daryl crush the walker’s skull was grotesque to say the least.The Merle/Daryl situation is oddly similar to that of Dexter/Harry or Dexter/Brian on my other favorite show “Dexter”.

As the ladies are getting things prepared for dinner, the boys and Andrea are outside by the RV. Daryl begins limping up to them from afar, and they are under the impression that he is a walker. Although Rick, Shane, Glenn, and T-Dog went to get closer, Andrea shot him in the head, sniper style.

I’m sorry…. who keeps giving the irresponsible, suicidal, and, from what Glenn can tell, PMSing chick a gun?! Daryl was only grazed by the bullet, and knocked unconscious. Good thing she is a stupid girl and cannot shoot. I like Daryl.

When Dale tells Andrea not to be too hard on herself, I got frustrated with him for the first time. I like Dale, but what he should have done is take Andrea’s gun and tell her to listen to the boys. In a world where your life is at risk every day, you cannot ignore orders of the men running things.

Glenn and Maggie plan to hook up again. Maggie reads the note that says “Ever done it in a Hayloft?” and runs after Glenn. He already entered the locked barn, and came across at least a dozen walkers.

Hey! Ho! Hey! Ho!

REACTION: WHY does Hershel have that many walkers locked up? WHY is he keeping them? WHAT IS GOING ON? I hate when the episode ends and I still have so many unanswered questions.

If they are just now finding signs that Sophia has been in the part of the woods where they are looking, why is Shane insisting that they quit looking now? Because they are risking their lives? Because they do that EVERY DAY!

When is Lori going to tell Rick about her and Shane? Will there be baby daddy drama? Because I sure hope so. Why doesn’t she just tell Shane he doesn’t belong and to leave? He already said that he was going to.

I will end this by listing the characters I wouldn’t mind losing:

Shane: He has always been a toolbag, and I have never liked his character. It is clear that he is only looking out for himself.

Carol: All this woman does is cry. I understand that her little girl is missing. Here is what I do not understand… when she is at home crying, everyone else is out risking their lives to try and find her daughter. If I lost my daughter (if I had one) I would be out in the woods myself with a gun until I found her.

Andrea: Since she lost her sister last season, she has been very suicidal. She has little to nothing to live for. I would be very sad too. However, she does not listen to authority and is overly emotional. She does not think before acting, and does things like… oh I don’t know… shooting Daryl! She should be punished, not comforted. No more guns, lady.

I give this episode a 4/5.  As much as I love this series, I didn’t find this particular episode as good as the others. The end of the episode is what made me love it.

9 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 5 – “Chupacabra””

  1. What I hated most about the Andrea shooting Daryl….she takes the shot when the other guys are like 10 feet away from him!!! Granted the glare delayed what would’ve been an earlier shot, but is she so confident of her newbie shooting skills from 1,000 meters that she’s willing to take a shot when the other guys are practically right next to the “walker” ?? Bad decisions all around…not to mention disobeying orders. “Oh but I want to protect the camp instead of doing laundry.” uggghhh……Stupid stupid stupid bitch !!!


  2. I really don’t like Andrea. I would love to lose her. I was thinking and maybe Herschel still views zombies as people, and because of his religious beliefs can’t bring himself to kill them. Things like “Herschel wants to deal with walkers his way” and asking that Rick not tell him the state of the world


  3. I fucking hate Andrea, she is such a useless piece of shit that almost cost Daryl his life. I hope they use her as bate though she is such a fucking idiot!!!!!!


  4. That is a good point, that he wanted to deal with walkers his own way. Maybe he does want to try and save them. Maybe he is doing tests on them? I can’t wait to find out! And Dr. Kronner, I will TRY to be patient. lol


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