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The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 13: Beside the Dying Fire – FINALE REVIEW

The finale of Season 2 began awesomely, by showing us where the massive horde of walkers originated from, all the way back in Atlanta. The helicopter from the first episode was flying overhead (don’t know who it was yet), and the walkers were mindlessly following it. As the horde heard Carl’s gunshot from, they followed that, and unfortunately for Herschel’s farm, there were hundreds of them at that point. Rick and Carl were heading back toward the farmhouse after the Shane incident when they noticed the horde of walkers following them. At this point Rick’s quick thinking took them towards the barn, where he proceeded to light it on fire – killing/distracting the walkers. The Grimes Boys escape with help from Jimmy, who pulls the RV up to the barn so they can jump onto the roof, and then stops the thing. Why did he stop the RV after Rick and Carl were on it? I presume suicide. My favorite part of the beginning, though, is that Lori suddenly realizes that Carl is not in his room. This is a running joke, now, because Lori always loses her son. I doubt if Carl even has the room that he is always supposed to be in.

After the fiery barn escape, the whole group teams up to fend off the giant number of zombies attacking them, and they fail. Patricia gets eaten right in front of everyone, as Beth had to be pulled away from her screaming. Who is Patricia, you ask? Otis’s wife… but I Googled that. Why did she get attacked? Because she was a very unimportant filler character, and every time she spoke, everyone fell asleep. Boom.

Hershel being the total bad-ass he is, tried taking on all of the walkers himself. Eastwood style.

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The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 9 – “Triggerfinger”

This episode began right where episode 8 left off. Rick, Glenn and Hershel are in the abandoned saloon. The three of them are waiting by the door to the bar because the friends of the men that Rick shot are looking for them. Rick yells to the men that their friends drew on them and they begin shooting into the bar…

Lori flipped her car into a ditch last episode, and is still there. A walker tries getting through the glass and as glass scrapes his skin off of his face, she grabs a sharp object from her car and stabs him in the eye. As she exits her crumpled up vehicle, she forgets that zombies are sneaky and doesn’t check her surroundings. Another walker attempts to attack her, and she hits him in the head with a rim. Fantastic.

As the rest of the group sits down to dinner, Shane realizes that it has been a long time since anyone has seen Lori. Shane takes the car and heads out to find her. He finds her walking down the road and tells her that Rick and the boys are already back and safe. She trusts him… because he has never lied to her before, right?

As the boys try to get to the car from the bar, the dead men’s friends are shooting at them. Hershel shoots one of their friends, and the rest of the guys decide to get out of there. One of the group jumps off of the roof and (surprise!) hurts himself. His leg was pierced all of the way through by the top of a gate. Rick and Hershel attempt to cut his leg off while Glenn watches out, but the place is crawling with walkers, so Rick rips his leg off of the gate and they head out. [It was AWESOME.]

F*ck! My Leg!

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The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 7 – “Pretty Much Dead Already”

RECAP AND REACTION: I still feel terrible for Rick. Even in the opening scene he looks somber and morose. I want to give him a hug and tell him everything is going to be okay. The first line in the episode: Glenn tells everyone that the barn is full of walkers. This obviously begins a fight. Shane says that the walkers need to be taken care of or they need to leave the land and head out. Sophia is still out there, dead or alive, and Carol and Daryl say that they cannot leave yet. Rick wants to wait to talk to Hershel because they are guests in his home and they cannot just kill his “sick” loved ones.

Rick goes to talk to Hershel and explains to him that the way they see walkers differs. Rick explains that the way the world is out there is not how Hershel saw it on TV when things first happened. He also tells Hershel that Lori is pregnant. Rick says that either they survive at the farm or they die out with the walkers.

Rick tells Shane that he talked to Hershel and that they are still negotiating. This is the first time that I have ever felt bad for Shane. Rick tells Shane that Lori is pregnant and Shane congratulates him. It is obvious that Shane is broken up by it. He doesn’t know that Rick knows about him and Lori. He clearly has questions.

Maggie pleads the group’s case when she overhears the conversation between Hershel and Rick. She told him that he has changed, and that he taught her differently. This conversation is interrupted and Hershel goes to get Rick for help. Two of the walkers who he knew got stuck in a local marsh. Hershel tells Rick that if his people are going to stay, he needs to treat the walkers like human beings.

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The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 5 – “Chupacabra”

RECAP: In the beginning of the episode, Shane and Rick are walking together around the woods looking for Sophia. It is hard to see them together and not think about Laurie being pregnant! I was almost hoping that the Laurie/Shane situation would get brought up hile they were walking, but no such luck. Shane did mention that he wanted to call off the search for Sophia, which pissed Rick off.

When Daryl is out looking for Sophia, he finds her doll near a swamp area. He falls into the swamp, and punctures his side with his arrow. It was awesome to see how realistic the blood spreading through the water looked. Just a minor detail that you might not even notice, unless it were done improperly. As he tried to climb out of the ditch, he fell again. He saw Merle, his brother, who talked to him and basically told him he was the outcast of the group, and only his brother would ever understand him. Merle was just a hallucination, but when Daryl awoke there was a zombie enjoying a taste of Daryl’s shoe. Watching Daryl crush the walker’s skull was grotesque to say the least.The Merle/Daryl situation is oddly similar to that of Dexter/Harry or Dexter/Brian on my other favorite show “Dexter”.

As the ladies are getting things prepared for dinner, the boys and Andrea are outside by the RV. Daryl begins limping up to them from afar, and they are under the impression that he is a walker. Although Rick, Shane, Glenn, and T-Dog went to get closer, Andrea shot him in the head, sniper style.

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