The Griz Bin – Creepy Batman, Pepper Spray Cop, and Exploding Heads

Welcome to The Griz Bin, a weekly look at the world wide web of comic related nonsense.

– The 20 Most Ridiculous Batman Comics Ever Released: Featuring such equally ridiculous titles as ‘The Rainbow Batmanor ‘Dead Til Proven Alive’ with the Beatles! – [Cracked]

– Women of Marvel Sketch Cards: Awesome sketch cards featuring the Mighty Women of Marvel looking good and kicking ass! [GeekTyrant]

– 10 Best Batman: The Brave and the Bold Episodes: In honor of the series ending, here are 10 good ones that you need to check out. Unless your like me and have seen every episode numerous times. – [Newsarama]

– A Little Love for Marvel: art by Dustin Nguyen. Are you a fan of the X-Babies? How about the whole Marvel U. getting the treatment?  – [GeekTyrant]

The 10 Best Selling Single Issue Comics of the Past 10 Years: Single Issue Comics… There’s 10 of them… they sold well… – [Newsarama]

Kerry Callen’s Animated Comic Covers: Iconic comic covers that are animated slightly means that your argument is invalid… – [Kerry Callen]

– Batman Creeps Out Commissioner Gordon: Steve Buscemi as Commissioner Gordon? Sold. Also Kristen Wiig in a Riddler outfit… I’ll leave it at that… – [Splashpage]

– Mighty Fine Ladies Shirts: Cool shirts for ladies made by Mighty Fine… Do I need to spell this one out for you? – [ComicsAlliance]

– How X-Men: First Class Should Have Ended: If you’ve never seen How It Should Have Ended your missing out, but I particularly enjoyed this one… – [HISHE]

– Incredible High Tech Batman Design: This is actually pretty cool. A High Tech costume design for Batman, that actually kind of looks like Mass Effect Batman to me. The thought of that little crossover just gave me chills. – [GeekTyrant]

– Pepper Spray Cop Makes His Way Into Comic History: If you aren’t aware of Pepper Spray Cop yet then you obviously don’t use the internet very much. This meme has been moving across the web, and not even comics are safe from his bored yet traumatic spraying. – [ComicsAlliance]

Vampirella vs. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: art by Bruce Timm. What could possibly be the greatest crossover ever concocted, with beautiful art by the legend himself, Bruce Timm. The link has some mroe images, but I had to share his solo drawing of Vampirella because its pretty dynamite. – [GeekTyrant]

Nicholas Cage’s Action Comics #1 Sets Record For Most Expensive Comic Ever Sold: There’s no joke here. Cage (more than likely) is selling a 9.0 CGC graded edition of the first appearance of Superman for over 1.5 Million. – [Splashpage]

10 Sexy Comics… That Are Also Really Good: I know, I feel like sexy generally equals good, too, but this list has some good books on it – [MTVGeek]

Springfield Arkham City: Yea, badass renditions of your favorite ‘Batman: Arkham City’ characters given the Simpsons treatment! – [ComicsAlliance]

And Now Here’s My New Favorite Thing: Heads exploding. A lot of heads exploding. So I’m going to say NSFW and not for the squeamish. But definitely awesome.

Batman Pony

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