Justified: Season 3 Premiere – “The Gunfighter”

The long-awaited, but inevitable return of Justified aired last night, and it was worth the anticipation. Raylan Givens probably accounts for about 37% of the total ‘swagger’ in all of television right now. The guy has got character, and he exudes a remarkable likability factor. Basically, he is so cool that I want to be his sidekick. I could make witty quips and get kidnapped, and eventually snag an unorthodoxly hot girlfriend, who doesn’t really compare to his girlfriend, but is a catch none the less on her own. She wouldn’t be “Hollywood Hot”, because she would have glasses or something, but she would be “Real life Hot” so it’d be cool.

 Anyhow…We pick up about 3 weeks after the events from the Season 2 conclusion. Raylan is still recovering from his GSW and Winona is still hot as Hell (See Below).

So as we get going a few things happen. First, Boyd shows up at the Marshall’s office to start shit with Raylan, thus getting himself arrested, which eventually succeeds in landing him in prison with Dickie Bennett – the same guy that shot Ava. Veronica Mars fans will remember a similar tactic taken by one Mr. Logan Echolls, also in that show’s third season. This should prove not to be a positive situation for Mr. Bennett…

The other big development in this season’s premiere is the emergence of a new villain. One from DETROIT! One Mr. Buck Compton Robert Quarles, a gangster from the Motor City. And that’s ‘Gangster’ with an ‘er’, not ‘Gangsta’ like in a rap video. It would appear that he will bring resident Kentucky Psychopath ‘Wynn Duffy’ back into play which is great, guy is my boy, but I don’t see him surviving till season 4. Dexter fans also got a nice little bonus when ‘Det. Joey Quinn’ popped up and tried to kill the good Marshall. Raylan was having none of that though.

Overall the episode did a good job of jumping back in, and paying off some story lines they set up back in the first season.  We establish early on that, in addition to the new treat from the Mitten state, Arlo and the Crowders are gonna be this season’s drug runners. And that despite getting shot, Ava is just a feisty as ever…

Congested? Old Crowder family remedy: ‘Hot Frying Pan to the Face’

I’m pretty excited to see what happens as the season moves forward. It’ll be hard to top last season, but they’re off to a good start so far. I give the premiere a solid 4.5/5 Bears.  

2 thoughts on “Justified: Season 3 Premiere – “The Gunfighter””

  1. Justified is also the most complex and smartest crime drama on all of TV right now. I am thankful for it and the two runner up South Land and The Closer. While all the other crime procedural are doing the same stories of the week and over saturating the market. Leaving no room much anything progressive on broadcast. Those three shows show how innovative a crime drama can be.


    1. Amen! I love SOUTHLAND, and while I think that PRIME SUSPECT (Already Canceled) was better than THE CLOSER, I can’t argue what you’re saying. I would recommend you check out LUTHER…


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