‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Trailer Is Here!

Now it wasn’t that long ago that we got our first look at Marc Webb‘s upcoming reboot The Amazing Spider-Man starring Andrew Garfield as Spidey. The first footage was interesting to say the least, and it offered a pretty great look at Peter Parker and some of the cast of the film. There was a little Spider-Man here and there, but it loved up to its name. It was a teaser.

This is the trailer, folks. This trailer is chock full of new and great footage, including our first looks at the Lizard, some really great Spidey action scenes, and tons more. We’ll talk after. Enjoy.

Okay, first of all, that looks awesome. It gives us so much that we haven’t seen in the Raimi Trilogy, the most major being it looks like Spidey actually has a sense of humor. That does wonders to sell me, who started my comic fandom with Spidey, on this movie. Spidey is one of the most tragic heroes who is constantly dealing with every single terrible thing the world has to offer. How does he deal? By being a flippant, witty, smart ass hilarious one line slinging comedic genius. Now I’m not saying Garfield is going to take it that far, because the kid looks like he’s one razor blade away from an emo album cover for his alt rock one piece slop metal band Chainlink Deathmask. Yes, I just made that name up. No, you cannot use it. Moving on.

The Lizard. He’s certainly far bigger than most versions of the character, but he does come complete with a kick ass tail. I think Rhys Ifans is going to pull off a mean Doc. Kronners Connors. and I’m stoked to finally see this character on the screen. Because he’s wiry. Wiry.

Denis Leary. This guy is just seriously awesome. He plays Capt. George Stacy, Gwen’s father and a cop who plays a pretty big part of Spidey’s early years. It looks like the film is setting up a great dynamic between Pete and Capt. Stacy, and on the flip side Spidey and Capt. Stacey as well. He’s like the Commisioner Gordon of Spidey’s world, without the darkness and the bat signal. And the longevity…

Peter’s science background. Another key component of Peter Parker is his scientific acumen. In the comics, Peter is a respected member of his scientific community, and if he wasn’t big on the secret identity thing, and could hold down a job for more than 3 weeks he would be regarded in the same league as Reed Richards, Tony Stark, and Bruce Banner. So to see scenes dedicated to the invention of his web shooters, and the implication that he is in fact responsible for turning Connors into the Lizard is impressive and exciting.

Speaking of his web shooters, they look rad. I want a pair immediately. You can notice that little puff of compressed air (or whatever) as he thwips across the city, plus they light up and have pretty colors. Seriously awesome.

Emma Stone. She is hot.

*This is not from the trailer…

All in all, this trailer brought us a lot of action, great shots of Spidey doing what Spidey does, a great look at his supporting cast, though very little from Uncle Ben and Aunt May, which is fine because the teaser was full of them. I’m excited for this movie. Can you tell that I’m excited for this movie? Here are a bunch of screenshots I took because I don’t have time to re-watch the trailer every 30 minutes, but I can stop in to look at sometimes blurry screenshots I took while half cut. Don’t judge me…

I am ridiculously excited for this movie.

The Amazing Spider-Man thwips into theaters on July 3rd. I will be there on the 2nd, in full on Scarlet Spider outfit. The first one, not the… never mind.

2 thoughts on “‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ Trailer Is Here!”

  1. I hate it when they try to add intrigue to Peter’s life through his parents. It completely kills the every-man mystique and subverts Peter’s relationship to his uncle, which is supposed to be at the core of the character. It is hard to be an every-man when you’re parents are super-spies working against the Red Skull or some kind of mysterious deadbeats who ran out on their son due to foreboding circumstances.

    Otherwise it looks ok. I wish it wasn’t so dark though, Spider-Man shouldn’t be such a grim and gritty character. Really hoping for a Norman reference though – I am betting it will be at the end, a la Batman Begins.


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