‘Spartacus’ Losing a Cast Member?!?

Who wants a massive spoiler, possibly for this season of Spartacus? It was just too tempting for me not to read who from the show was just announced by Deadline to be signed on for the newest season of True Blood. I actually didn’t know whether or not to make this a Spartacus article or a True Blood article, but I figured I hate the hell out of True Blood, so BAM! After you read about the actor leaving, it’s not really all that big a spoiler considering that escaped slave-gladiators are not really long for this world. And if you read up on your history you’ll definitely know that the slave rebellion was ultimately put down. Here’s a little slice of IGN’s report regarding the news from Deadline:

Now Deadline is reporting news of a prominent Spartacus: Vengeance star being cast in the new upcoming season of HBO’s True Blood. Which probably means, since one show is filmed in LA and the other is filmed in New Zealand, that this person’s character is probably going to be killed off on Spartacus. Probably. Nothing’s certain, but it doesn’t look good. 

Now if you dare to be spoiled you can read after the jump. I’ll let you know its one of the people pictured above who is leaving the show….

And the winner is: OENOMAUS!

Oenomaus Peter mensah

Played by Peter Mensah, who according to Deadline will play a Vampire Authority character on the fifth season of True Blood. Ah it’s a sad day that we lose a Spartacus cast member to the fang-bangers. (Yes you Megan) But that being said I’m sure he’ll have a glorious death that he always deserved, possibly in the arena. I can see Gannicus being the one giving him this death given all of the craziness destined to go down between them. Them having to fight one another was always something Gannicus laughed off in ‘Gods of the Arena’. Seems like this time the only way out will be to kill his greatest friend. I’ll be sad to see Oenomaus go, because we’ve seen much of him revealed slowly over the three seasons of Spartacus. He’s had some of the best character development in the show if you ask me. God speed Peter Mensah!

2 thoughts on “‘Spartacus’ Losing a Cast Member?!?”

  1. Just saw the season finale of Spartacus and am happy to report that Asher is also dead. OENOMAUS’ death was not at the hand of Gannicus but avenged by it. Great final battle scenes Sad to see this season end as now I have nothing interesting to watch on pay tv until Dexter returns in September/October to Showtime. If DVRing through commercials is what I must do, I am happy to do it for the new Kieffer Sutherland program called Touch. That show is inspired and inspiring. It is beautifully conceived and each connection is sweetly tied together in the end of each episode.


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