One Week Until Community! New Trailer, New Webisodes, and Hope for a 4th season?

One week. One week till the horror we’ve had to endure from NBC ends. One week until our faith in television is restored. One week until Community! And I couldn’t be happier. The staff of Grizzly Bomb couldn’t be happier, the entirety of the Internet couldn’t be happier, and I couldn’t be happier. I said that already.

So to celebrate the return to the airwaves, check out this trailer for Community‘s return to Thursdays! Pop Pop!

Awesome. The Greendale 7 Expelled? The return of the ‘Worst Reality’ Abed? Annie’s Boobs? So much to look forward too. But what the hell are we supposed to do while we wait until Thursday? Well, how about some animated webisodes? The first in a 3 part series should hold us over until then, which sounds good to me!

Check out Abed’s Master Key, Part 1:

We’ll bring you more of the webisodes as they premiere. Now what does all of this mean for the future of Community? Obviously being pulled from the air isn’t a great portent of things to come. But apparently the producer’s are confident of a fourth season renewal. TVGuide reports:

“We’re feeling pretty confident,” executive producer Russ Krasnoff said Saturday at the PaleyFest panel for Community about a possible fourth-season renewal for the NBC comedy. “Look, it’s because of the people who love our show and the fact that they were so upset when it went away… [Also,] the people at NBC love the show.”

The cast also acknowledged the power of the fan campaigns on Twitter and through flash mobs and petitions to bring back the show. “It’s kind of magical to us that we’re back,” said Yvette Nicole Brown, who plays Shirley. Joel McHale, who plays study group leader Jeff, added, “It was kind of like the moment when the Space Shuttle reenters the atmosphere and they go radio-silent for that point… and then you come out and you’re still there and Houston says, ‘Are you there?’ Yeah we are.”

It’s got to be rewarding to see some of the feedback coming from fans these last few months. There’s a great article on IGN covering what we can expect from the rest of Season 3. Annie and Abed spend some time in the Dreamotorium, Jeff and Shirley friend it up and Britta “will be therapizing people.” You can read the whole article here.

There’s also a teaser of Thursday’s episode titled “Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts”. Be warned, it does contain SPOILERS:

And speaking of PaleyFest, which is an annual gathering of TV folk, you can check out some of the action from the Community panel. Some cool things from the panel:

-Everyone fake-stripping when they came on stage, including Alison
-Could there be another leader in the study group, other than Jeff?
-Chang Tongue
-Jim Rash and his Oscar, which he, naturally, brought with him
-Dan Harmon saying, “I work in a different room…with just a glass of vodka and the ghost of my dad.”
-What a “Community” movie would look like (it’s a brilliant idea)
-Annie discussing Yvette’s breasts at length
-Gillian doing her pizza dance
-Will “Community” be back for season four? (Hint: it’s looking good…)

You can check out the full series of pics and video here.

Now we can’t talk about Community without showing pictures of Alison Brie. Sorry, it’s in our contracts. Thankfully she recently did a photo shoot for Elle Canada, so we have some new ones to show you! And if your so inclined (which we know you are) you can check out the behind the scenes video of her photo shoot here. Thanks to Warming Glow for the heads up on that:

Community is back Thursday, March 15th… and I couldn’t happier.

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