Mission Impossible 5: Definitely on the way

Hold onto your butts, because it looks like M:I 5 is now officially… official I guess. It was pretty much a forgone conclusion but I would think that word directly from the mouth of the current VIACOM CEO, Philippe Dauman, is pretty definitive. Check out the snippet below from The Hollywood Reporter:

And a brief statement made by Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman at the Paramount parent company’s annual shareholder meeting Thursday in New York confirms the studio’s intention to make a follow-up.

Dauman was asked by a shareholder if there were “any plans to develop an additional sequel.” His response: “Oh, yes.”

Seriously though, let’s face it, the fourth Mission Impossible movie made over half a billion bucks at the box office this past year and in a way brought Tom Cruise back to prominence as an action star. Personally I think it’s more of the Mission Impossible name and awesome action sequences that brought people back for this most recent mission, but it for sure doesn’t hurt to have a very recognizable star such as Tom Cruise headlining your movie.


There is no word yet as to what the plot might be or if this will be Cruise’s last hurrah, but rest assured that the newest Mission Impossible can’t be more than a couple of years away. The studio is going to want to streamline this thing while it’s still blazing hot. I for one am hoping that Cruise will soon be making way for another leading man in the franchise, not only so we can see how it fares in his absence, but to give us something fresh. I wouldn’t be against him eventually being a background character, perhaps the head of the IMF division but I just want to see if they’ll give Jeremy Renner a chance to be the main character. Renner’s star is burning bright at the moment after starring in Ghost Protocol last year and coming up this year in his role as Hawkeye in the Avengers and as the newest operative in the continuing Bourne franchise.

Personally I think they need to have a little bit of a better villain for the next movie. Philip Seymour Hoffman’s portrayal as the villain Davian in the third movie was about as memorable as it gets, particularly in the M:I franchise. It was like a quantum leap in villainy after the terrible performance by Dougray Scott as Sean Ambrose in the atrocious John Woo helmed M:I 2. Ghost Protocol was definitely a great movie, but it may have set itself above M:I 3 if they had cast a better villain. I understand  that they seemed to be focusing more on the team aspect of the films but it was just downright heartbreaking to see Ethan Hunt struggling against some old man with a briefcase in a space age looking parking garage!

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