True Blood Season 5: Update Bonanza!

Getting hungry for some True Blood news?  Don’t worry – GB is here to serve up all the news, spoilers, and gossip you need to satisfy your cravings.  Order up!

Season five of True Blood will be playing on a TV near you starting in June, and should pick up right where season four left off (read our review of the season four finale here).  Much of the end of last season’s finale was spend setting up story lines for this summer.  I’ve compiled a list of things we can expect to see from season five.

WARNING: If you have not finished season four and you still choose to read this article, you only have yourself to blame.

1. Russell Edgington is back.  And I can’t say I’m surprised.  Anyone can come back from anything in this crazy show, there are no rules.  Plus, if they really wanted to have him leave for good, they would have just staked him.  I’m really glad that he’s back.  There needs to be a political vampire presence, someone to shake things up, and someone who the audience can love to hate.  With Nan being toast thanks to Bill, Russell Edgington could fill this void beautifully.  I really hope he rips out more spines on live TV.

2. Tara probably isn’t dead.  Or she is.  Whatever.  Either way she’ll find a way to weasel her way back into our lives.  Which is a shame, because she’s like a vacuum that sucks everything enjoyable out of every scene she’s in.

3. Faeries are coming to Bon Temps.  Again.  We haven’t seen much out of them since their pointless debut in the premiere of season four.  If they happen to get their own story arc, I HOPE TO GOD it’s better than that witch garbage that melted my brain last year.  I don’t have high hopes for it.  We do know, however, that Camilla Luddington of Californication will be joining the cast as one of the faeries.  Let the men rejoice.

4. More Alcide!  I have no comments about this because I’m too busy drooling all over myself.

5. This season will closely follow “Dead as a Doornail” by Charlaine Harris.  Apparently this show is based off of a book series that no one I know has ever read.  If they’re anything like the show, they’re probably pretty crappy.

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