GAME OF THRONES: 6 Clips from the Upcoming Season 2…

This Sunday will mark the much-anticipated return of HBO’s smash hit Game of Thrones. In preparation for the event, they have released 6 short clips from the upcoming sophomore season to further wet our appetites.

This is not one of them…


Yeah! Eat a bag of dicks Joffery!  Everyone feel better now?

Ok, on to the actual stuff…

 CLIP 1: We start with Daenerys Targaryen and her Dragons. What this tells us is, if anyone was expecting to see full grown flying bringers of Fiery Death in Season 2, they’re gonna likely be disappointed. Looks like it’ll be a while before these things are waging war on the Crown.

 CLIP 2: Ahh, King Joffery gets once again verbally bitchslapped by his  impossibly awesome Uncle. We also see Sansa Stark none to pleased to be holding the seat she once coveted, nex to the Boy King.

 CLIP 3: The 3rd clip features everyone’s favorite Bastard Jon Snow being taught a valuable lesson about leadership by the old dude from Braveheart Commander Mormont. Learn to follow Jon Snow, learn to follow.

 CLIP 4:  Next, still with Jon Snow and the Night’s Watch, we see the men arrive at Craster’s Keep and Samwell Tarly’s fatass breaks the sled.

 CLIP 5: Robb Stark gives his peace terms to Alton Lannister, and then the men of the North deliver a monotone “King of the North” that sounds a whole lot like Hot Fuzz‘s “The Greater Good”…

 Clip 6: In the final clip Tyrion arrives at the Small Council meeting in the Red Keep and his sister is not overly welcoming.


Ready for Sunday yet?

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