Val Kilmer’s On A BMX…and Of Course, Harmony Korine is Directing

In one of the oddest trailers I’ve ever seen, Val Kilmer stars in one of three shorts that make up The Fourth Dimension. His short, entitled Lotus Community Workshop, focuses on Hector, played by Kilmer himself. Hector is a motivational speaker who is quite awful at his job. Besides that, there’s not much else we can discern from this art-comedy directed by the one and only Harmony Korine. You probably know the work of Harmony Korine through such family-friendly fare as KidsGummo, Mister Lonely, and who could forget, Trash Humpers.

It may seem like I’m mocking Korine’s work, but quite the contrary. I’m a huge fan of the guy and I think he has a really interesting way of depicting inner peace through outer chaos. I’m excited to see what he does with Kilmer’s character, but I’m even more pumped for his 2013 film Spring Breakers. Starring my wife, Selena Gomez, there’s not much known right now about the film except for the fact that it’s about four college girls who end up in jail trying to rob a restaurant to fund spring break. But knowing Korine’s style of filmmaking, it’s gonna get messy.

Now, let me reiterate that Lotus Community Workshop is just one of three films that makes up The Fourth Dimension. The other two films are directed by Aleksei Fedorchenko and Jan Kwiecinski. To be perfectly honest I have no idea what the other two films about or what they’re called. I’m just waiting to see all the interesting moments in the trailer come together in three parts. The film premiered at the San Francisco International Film Festival on April 20th, and at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 24th.



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