Avengers Assemble – Episodes 204, 205 & Ask an Avenger

Welcome back to our look at Avengers Assemble: The Series. We have had some hilarious moments in our time together. Whether its laughing at an out of time Captain America who just can’t seem to shed the political correctness of a different time, or a Hawkeye that has dipped his quiver in the majority of the female team and possibly Wonder Man. Muh huh. Muh huh. Muh huh.

We are just about all caught up so I only have a couple of episodes plus a couple asides with some of the Mighty Avengers to share with you today. Let’s get to it.

Episode 204 – Job Interview

Carol (a.k.a. Ms. Marvel) decides to seek employment options outside of the Avengers. Where will she end up? Will she leave the team? What will this mean for Tony’s dry cleaning?

All I really want to say is how appreciative I am of the women in this video. Is that sexist? I don’t even know anymore. Ms. Marvel, Invisible Woman, and Black Widow are all great. They are doing a good job. Valuable members of the team. Please join me in my fantasies. Maybe we should just move on. I’m embarrassed.

Episode 205 – The Future!

Our team gets a long distance communication from a future version of Tony Stark. They must decipher his cryptic warnings, and decide what to do with the information.

Stan freakin Lee. ‘Nuff said.

I know I should say more, but really, that’s it. Please join me in my fantasies. No, that’s inappropriate. I apologize. I’m reaching.

Now it’s time for Ask an Avenger. After the 1st season Thor and Hawkeye responded to some fans comments on the episodes. The results are hilarious.

Muh huh. Muh huh. Muh huh. By the gods I love that.

Hawkeye should make a living out of responding to comments. Also, What are you wearing?

That’s it for today. I will be eagerly awaiting the next video! Excelsior!

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