New Trailer for ‘Prototype’ – Robot in Disguise!

Just to clarify, this is not the film adaptation of the 2009 Activison game Prototype, nor is it based of the 1983 TV movie with the same name starring Christopher Plummer. It is however the latest movie from the Bandits Brothers (the company behind Act of Valor). It does however seem to take elements from both of these movies (hooded main character, a robot with AI, etc) so it’s easy to get confused!

The film seems to focus on a project called ‘Lazarus’, which involves bringing some humanistic qualities to androids, and even putting human conscience into a machine. While this is going on a military robot/drone escapes. The scientists working on the project all appear to be killed, which then leads into a big chase between the escaped robot and the group trying to track it down.

The trailer looks fantastic. The visuals of the robot look very much like Mike Mignola‘s work, and especially looks like the masked Nazi from the first Hellboy movie. There seems to be a lot of different themes within this movie. Some form of artificial intelligence or the transplanting of human brain or conscience into machine seems to be implied here, and then the effects human physique may have on the machine, or if it is human how this does effect how it operates.

It could even be the thoughts and feelings of the lead scientist as one scene shows him holding a slain woman, then him been blown away, followed by the robot in a hospital bed with, who I guess to be the same woman shot earlier. But then again it might not! It uses the Iron Man style headset which is visually stunningly and it does not skim out on the action scenes either with gun blasts and explosions aplenty. The real difference to this is the tone and feel of the movie. The film looks a lot like District 9 with the camera views and slight grain to the footage, but in a sense the plot is a reverse of that film. In that film it was all about an everyman turning into an alien, while this appears to be a robot turning human. Either way this is one to look out for.

2 thoughts on “New Trailer for ‘Prototype’ – Robot in Disguise!”

  1. It looks great doesn’t it? When I watched the trailer I was quite exited about it.i don’t believe it is based on the computer game how ever, but it does look just a great film.if we get any more information on this movie we will put it up so watch this space!


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