The Dark Knight Rises – Behind the Scenes Featurette

Well Dark Knight Rises fans have I got something for you, we now have an extensive behind the scenes featurette which included talks with Nolan, Bale, Hardy and pretty much everyone involved.  Then we have a butt load of behind the scene footage which thankfully gives no spoiler. This featurette is the best and most extensive look in to the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises. Please watch below and I hope you enjoy.

So what else do you really need to know for this film because this really did just talk about everything and most importantly didn’t give away anything away (not sure how that happened). The words action from start to finish really excited me, really! One part that shocked me was the sheer amount of scenes that weren’t CGI most amazing was the Bat was actually made for shooting and the football field that was to be blown up with an extra level of field, just spectacular.

Aww he’s not that bad, ok well Bane is evil. But Tom Hardy is a big kid.

Ok so let’s talk a little about bane in this, he says a couple more things which is always amazing plus we actually hear from Nolan that he thought Tom Hardy did a fantastic job of being Bane. This point is important as I can imagine it’s hard to get emotions and normal physical reactions when you have that mask covering his mouth and nose, all he can use is his eyes and I think he can do better acting with just his eyes than most actors can do in general.

Seriously no special effects there or in those riot shots.

So finally I think that this featurette cements my current view on this film. Christopher Nolan has never made a bad film. Every trailer to date for this film has shown an amazing film. The cast are all known and well tested actors. The visuals are a mixture of real shots and CGI which are in my opinion the best. “When Gotham is in ashes, you have my permission to die” That just gives me Goosebumps. Lastly this shows everyone’s passion for the film they have made which always gives me faith that the film won’t disappoint and will give the fans the end that this story deserves.

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