Found Footage Festival UK Tour Review

The place. Birmingham UK. The venue. The Electric, the UK’s oldest working cinema. The event. The Found Footage Festival. The person going. Myself (hello there!). So what I did there was create some tension by shortening this piece into key headers. Worked quite well I thought! Anyway Birmingham is not really a place I’m a big fan of. Sure if you like getting drunk and not sleeping it’s the perfect place to hang out, but for me I found it a wee bit to noisy (maybe I’m to old!).

What I did like about Birmingham thou was the wonderful Electric cinema. It’s a small but comfortable venue with a lovely black and red décor and has a cosy feel to it and serves cupcakes and beer! Man who does not like cupcakes and beer! You even get an old ticket stub for your entrance!

The Found Footage Festival or FFF for short is playing here as part of the cinema’s Shock and Gore series. This series (which I wished I could have stayed for) included such classics as Theatre of Blood, Inbred and the terrifying Ghost Watch. But there reel highlight (get it!) was the VHS specials called Viva VHS which the FFF was a part of. If you are unaware of what the FFF is let me enlighten you. It’s essentially 2 guys who for fun collect the rattiest and cheesiest VHS they can find, watch them, edit them together and show them to a public desperate for Video action. The two guys commentate throughout the show and if you check there website at they have tons of DVD merchandise for sale if that’s your kind of thing.

The small theatre was rammed but comfortable. I did not get chance to do a head count but I think about 50 or 60 people attended. When Joe Pickett (a writer on the great humour magazine the Onion) and Mick Prueher (who works on the David Letterman show) arrived on the stage I was as giddy as a school person on to much sugar! I’m a massive FFF fan you see, have all the DVD’s, etc, etc so this was a big deal for me! On the night it looked to me like there were a fair few FFF virgins in the audience but they were loving the wise cracking duo who have got there act just right with tongue in cheek and just general what the f is going on shock and owe expressions! They mix some old and new stuff in there set but all of it is top quality stuff. The crowd was digging the humour and the clips were great.

A shortened roll call of the hits from the night goes roughly like this.

A dancer who while dancing in front of unimpressed old people puts a raw chicken down his pants and pours ketchup on his head

A face rejuvenating mask which electrocutes the hell outta you and actual looks like a torture device

Rent a friend (yep it’s as amazing as it sounds!)

Star sign singing and the classic Winnebago man sketch!

Video dating 1980’s style

Arnold Schwarzenegger carnival tour (which was the funniest and weirdiest thing I have ever set my eyes on!)

Exercise Montage for the keep fit junkies

The show lasted about an hour and a half but it went so quickly that everyone seemed a bit blue when it finished. The great thing for me was that both guys were selling DVD’s after the show and there was not a massive queue so I actually got to meet 2 of my VHS idols! We chatted about VHS stuff and thanks to by darling fiance he found out I have a full room of VHS and got so excited we exchanged contacts for a possible future trade! Even got my photo taken with the both of them with the rejuvenating mask on my face so overall an amazing day out. If you love crap VHS then try and get in on one of there American tours or check out there videos on Youtube and DVD as you will laugh so hard that chicken you popped down your pants will fly out!

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