Dexter: Season 7, Comic-Con & More!

The closer we get to the premiere of Season 7 of Dexter, the more anxious I get to see that is next for my favorite serial killer. Although September 30th seems like an eternity away at this point, Dexter news keeps me just satisfied enough to not go absolutely insane.

Yesterday, July 12 at Comic-Con, Yvonne Strahovski was at the Showtime booth! As we told you in our last Dexter update, the Chuck star is going to have a role in Season 7 of Dexter. Strahovski will be playing Hannah, a woman with a suspicious past which, of course, intrigues Dexter. I am excited to see those two interact.

Jennifer Carpenter’s The Hollywood Reporter Comic-Con photo shoot was amazing! Not only does she look positively stunning, but she is also in a gorgeous dress…which is a nice little break from her wardrobe from Dexter, which usually consists of either sweaty workout clothes, or mannish-looking work clothes. Check out the photos, courtesy of DexterDaily.

The Hollywood Reporter also has a full uncensored roundtable discussion at Comic-Con, also starring Jennifer Carpenter with several other famous faces.

The Hollywood Reporter- Comic-Con Roundtable 2012

And finally, AssignmentX has an exclusive interview with the Dexter executive producer of the show, Manny Coto. Coto explains his views on the show over the time he’s been involved with Dexter, which is three years. He talks about the evolution of Dexter’s character and how in season 1 he almost starts out child-like, but by the later seasons, he’d been through marriage, having children, and other various serious life changes. Coto also divulged that Josh (the geeky tech guy who sent Dexter the Ice Truck Killer’s hand in the mail) will in fact be dealt with and brought into the story. I could go on, but really, you should just read the interview!

Oh hey, look! A Dexter season 7 promo photo! Glorious. I am positively giddy for season 7. Although seasons 5 and 6 let me down in a lot of ways, I still have hope that Dexter will go more towards his roots, and become slightly evil and detached again. It is the romantic in me.

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