‘Black Dynamite’ Explodes Onto Screens Near You!

Yes you jive ass mother funster’s (toned down to a PG 13 level so no one will be offended!) he’s back!

Black Dynamite the role Michael Jai White was born to play (though he looked pretty awesome in Mortal Kombat Legacy as Jax and when Marvel wises up he is going to be a stunning Luke Cage!).  Adult Swim are finally putting put the animated series of the mean soul brother who’s super bad onto our screens through the cartoon network on July 15th.

The original pilot episode has been out for a while now so I’m not sure why there has been such a wait for this series to come out. Maybe Adult Swim were checking to see if the product would be worth putting out as the pilot is a bit more extreme than the movie. In it Black Dynamite has to stop his childhood idol Frog Kurtis, a puppet TV performer who has turned out to be a real bad boy. The animation is quite extreme and dark and has a similar style to the Boondocks but it felt in tone more like the early Manga stuff like Fist of the North Star or Ninja Scroll for its mix of violence, sex and comedy. There’s something quite fun about watching muppet’s get their necks broke or roundhouse kicked! The trailer is here if you fancy checking it out!

So back to the series which carries on the same style but includes ninjas, explosions, a bit of the rude stuff and Dynamite looking damn cool! It’s everything the movie was and more (because you can have more explosions in animation!). The original cast are coming back to voice the characters Bullhorn, Cream Horn and Honey Bee but some new faces will pop up along the way like comedian J.B. Smoove (Leon from Curb Your Enthusiasm). Don’t let the more serious tone worry you there are plenty of jokes in this trailer especially one involving Black Dynamites trouser department that made me howl with laughter! Sigh, yes that kinda stuff still makes me laugh!

If this actually does well or not who can say? Me I’m a massive fan of the whole grind house revival but has it seen its day or not? The double bill by of Death Proof and Planet Terror did not go down as well as expected so will this blaxploitation parody still have the punch it did when the film was first released? If you ask me I darn well think it will! Either way you jive turkeys it’s not going to be long until everyone’s favorite black dick (alongside Shaft of course) kicks his way onto your screens.

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