HBO’s True Blood 5.06 – “Hopeless” Review

What an episode!  Action, drama, humor, and minimal Tara… what more could you ask for?

The main vein of the episode centers around the Authority and their struggle with Russell, who is shaping up to be quite as pesky as before.  It turns out (surprise) that the Authority was testing Bill and Eric to see where their loyalties lay when it came to mainstreaming.  Once they deemed them non-Sanguinista, they jumped from the rafters with trackers beams to capture Russell and transport him to the Authority headquarters.  Bill and Eric are instructed to glamor Sookie and Alcide; and Bill gives this fake-glamor, long-winded “goodbye forever” speech.  It seemed a little stale to me.  First of all, Bill’s been an asshole since he became King of Louisiana; and is anyone really still invested in his relationship with Sookie?  Eric then glamors Alcide to think Sookie is repulsive, which I find hilariously immature and so typically Eric.

Russell is brought to the Authority headquarters to be executed.  Something goes crazy wrong as he is to be staked; Russell turns on him and Roman ends up being staked.  Which is a real shame, because I’m sure Tiger Woods wanted his polo shirt back.  Most of the Authority stands watching in horror, which crazy Nora has a party in her cell, because Lilith’s plan is coming together just swimmingly.

I will say most definitely that the ending surprised me.  We all knew Christopher Meloni was not signed on to be a regular, but he was killed off much more quickly than I had anticipated.  It’ll definitely be interesting to see what happens now that Russell is gaining his strength, and the main advocate of mainstreaming is dead.

Apparently Alcide is trying to get back in with his wolf pack.  His reason is still unclear.  JD, the new pack master, was definitely helping Russell which Alcide hates.  Alcide challenges him to be the new pack master, and gets some disgruntled hot girl to be his “second” which is apparently a rule for challenging.  Is he really willing to go back for the ultimate grudge match, or does he really want to be a part of a pack again?  He’s clearly not making it with Sookie, who is his only friend; it might be nice for him to turn the pack around.  Who knows – maybe he’ll get some lovin’ from his “second.”

Also, Luna is alive.  I thought for sure she was a goner.  The bullets have made her lose all her marbles, though, because she gives her daughter to her crazy grandmother, Martha, until they can figure out who is shooting shifters (and vampires, apparently).  Sam and Andy have teamed up to hunt them down.  With Sam’s animal instincts and Andy’s extensive legal prowess, what could go wrong?


Jessica and Hoyt are back for another round of “will they, won’t they” and boy what a page-turner.  Seriously.  You’ll pay for a whole seat, but you’ll only use the edge of it.

Terry and Patrick are still being hunted by the flame monster.  Terry is worried for Arlene’s and the kids’ safety so he leaves her.  He helps her life take a predictable turn; meanwhile, no one cares about the flame monster.

Except this guy.

All in all, I thought this was a great episode.  It had its moments of frustration, but I thought the pacing was great compared to last week while still giving us a lot of juicy set-up for next week.  All the stuff with the Authority keeps us guessing and interested, especially now that Russell is back on the scene and possibly taking it over.  While the bruja stuff is a little over the top, Lafayette’s interaction with his mother is always good for several laughs.  Jason’s quest to find out what happened to his parents could create a personal grudge, since we probably know the vampire responsible.  I’m okay with the faeries (it’s true!!) if they lead us to this information.

The only storyline I’m really hating right now (besides Tara’s entire existence) is Terry’s.  I’m so disappointed.  Todd Lowe has offered the show so much comedic moments; and if you’ve ever seen Scrubs, you know that Scott Foley can be quite the funny character as well.  Get them in a room together and all the life is sucked out like a vacuum.  Or, maybe it’s just a poorly-done CGI flame monster.  That’s probably what it is.

Also, can Eric have a personality again, please???  Where is his sarcastic diatribe?  I miss it.  I’m having withdrawals.

All in all, though, I give this episode 4.5/5 osos (which is Spanish for bears) because I thought it was muy excellente.  Kudos on that kickass surprise ending.  Kudos.

One thought on “HBO’s True Blood 5.06 – “Hopeless” Review”

  1. You pretty much hit the spot with this review. Need more Pam though, and a lot LESS Terry. I was initally very annoyed with Tara at the beginning of this season, but I don’t mind her too much since the last episode. I would like to see more of the bond between Pam and Tara.


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