WoW: Mist of Pandaria Announces Release Date, Nerds in Basements Rejoice

So according to multiple news sources, the ones I used being Gamespot and WoW Insider, it looks like we finally got a release date on the new expansion for World of Warcraft. Mists of Pandaria is going to be hitting store shelves on September 25th. Which means you need to start requesting that day off. The 4th expansion of the series will come with a new level cap of 90, a whole new playable race (The Pandaren) with new starting zones and the such, a new race (Monk), and something called scenarios which is a cooperative PvE trial where you get to brag about accomplishing certain tasks in dungeons and prove that you are better than your average WoW player. Of course there will be new zones and more raids and rewards as well but that goes without saying.

The reason this is a full blown article and not just a news item in a sea of news items? There’s an opportunity to win some beta keys. Of course I have to make sure that you had the opportunity to win some. On Battle.Net, Blizzard released some details that they are giving out 2,000 keys each week starting on July 31st, and every other winner will get a friend key as well so they can share the fun. All it requires is that you sign up via Facebook so if you still play WoW (and I imagine a bunch of you still do), this should be something you need to do.

For those that are going to wait until September 25th, you can pre-order them online at Battle.Net with the retail version being $39.99, the Digital Deluxe version for $59.99 and the Collector’s Edition at $79.99. Differences you ask? Retail is just the simple copy you get with no frills, the Digital Deluxe gets you a special in-game mount and pet, along with banners and sigils for Diablo III and some Starcraft II Battle.Net portraits. The Collector’s edition scores you the same stuff along with a Behind-the-Scenes DVD and Blu-Ray, a soundtrack CD, mouse pad and art book. So you have options. Looks like it’s time to throw some free time out the window. Especially with no BlizzCon, you now have more time to grind to 90 and hit some raids. Or bitch about the class balancing and out of control rewards system but whatever, details, details I guess. Also, how awesome is the dragon turtle mount?


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