It’s happening… ALF The Movie

Remember when we were talking about ALF voice and creator Paul Fusco pitching the idea for an ALF movie to the studios back in May? Well then it’s good news for you if you grew up in the 80’s or resided on the planet Melmac! Gordon Shumway or ALF as his illegal alien harboring human friends like to call him, is getting a movie. This is not a big surprise considering the success of such movies as Alvin and the Chipmunks and The Smurfs. Granted, those were cartoons turned into movies but the idea is basically the same with the approach of using CGI technology to make something mediocre from the 80’s into a modern day cash machine. So expect an extra long episode of ALF with more of a budget.

Even as a kid I thought the show was a little silly and now looking back I can’t believe I ever used to watch it. For those of youngsters not familiar with ALF, the show followed alien Gordon Shumway after he crash landed in the suburbs of America. Actually he landed in the trash pile of the Tanner family who (reluctantly at first) take Gordon in and proceed over the course of the show to hide him from neighbors and government officials alike. And they call him ALF instead of Gordon because it stands for Alien Life Form as the elder Tanner points out. Seriously, this crap was sitcom gold back then.

I would say it will be interesting to see which route they go with the movie, but seeing as how it’s the same producer as The Smurfs I’ m sure it will be all sorts of family friendly. Having so recently watched Ted in theaters, one can only dream of the hilarity that would ensue if ALF was as foul mouthed and drug induced as that cuddly teddy bear. No talks of release dates or actors/actresses but we’ll be sure to keep you posted!

Take this as you will…

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