Breaking Bad: 506 “Buyout” Review

In this sixth episode of Breaking Bad‘s final season, tensions are rising after last week’s episode, which ended with newcomer Todd (Jesse Plemons) killing a kid for the sake of the business. This episode opens with Mike, Walt, and Todd chemically decomposing the kid’s body and his bike, while Jesse waits outside, unable to bear the atrocities taking place. Todd comes out next to him and lights a cigarette as well, complaining about the smell that accompanies the process. Jesse punches Todd square in the face, and the opening credits roll.

It’s decided that Todd will be able to stay on the crew with close supervision, much to the dismay of Jesse who has always advocated for the safety of children, regardless of whether he knew them or not. From there, Mike and Jesse agree that they’re pulling out of the business. The heat on them has the potential to grow exponentially, and their already guilty conscience is getting worse by the minute. Of the 1000 gallons collected, with Mike and Jesse pulling out of the business they’re only able to give up 666 gallons to a former partner that Mike became acquainted with through Gus. The partner says that he wants the blue meth off the market and will only pay for the full 1000 gallons.

Despite hearing about Tony Scott’s death literally ten minutes before this episode aired I was still able to enjoy this episode of Breaking Bad very much. Like most of the previous episodes, this one hits the mark. There’s even an awesome scene with Saul in it! “Buyout” is everything one can want from an episode; all of the cast is given the best of the best material, there are a couple of great surprises, and there’s even a scene that I never thought would EVER happen. Yes, you know what I’m talking about. Walt, Skyler, and Jesse all having dinner together at the White household.

One of the most painfully awkward yet intensely engaging scenes of the entire episode was also the quietest. With almost no words, Skyler is able to reinforce her pure hatred of Walt in a way words can’t express. Jesse tries his best to keep tensions light, but his charm is no match for the burning feud between Walter and his wife. The episode ends with Walt promising Mike a way that he can get his cut of the deal while he gets to keep all the methlyamine to himself. Of course, as with every Breaking Bad episode, I was glued to the tv and when the: “Executive Producer: Vince Gilligan” credit came on-screen, I was about ready to scream at the TV, throw my angered fist in the air and ask “WHYYY?!” to the TV Gods. That, my friends, is quality entertainment at its finest.

5/5 Bears

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